’10’ India’s Finest Speakeasy Opens In Bangalore

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Bengaluru welcomed the hottest new property in town ‘10’. A speakeasy and a first of its kind in Bengaluru. The speakeasy is nestled away behind a premium pan shop in the ever buzzing wood street.

Reviving the legendary concept of a speakeasy, speakeasies came about in the United States during the prohibition era when the service of liquor in public places was banned. The speakeasy derives its name from people hiding it from the authorities and was often asked to “speak easy” when it came to the whereabouts of these gin mills.

A melting pot of culture and rebellion, speakeasies for a large part were operated by mobs and gangs who played a huge role In supplying these libations to the gin mills. Known as the unofficial birthplace of jazz music, speakeasies were also known to encourage women empowerment movements with women frequenting these gin mills and subsequently going on to run them as well.

Rohit Barker, Pashmeena Barker, Sonalika Pawar, and Ramesh Dembla at the launch of 10.

‘10’ comes about a ton at a time when consumers are eager to try something new and their preview table proved to be a smashing success with some of the most prominent names in the city present at ‘10’ to preview their food, cocktails, and ambiance. Hidden away behind a premium paan shop called the “Paan Studio” this gorgeous property will take the unwitting passerby by surprise.

Large chandeliers, tungsten lighting, and statement furniture adorn the venue with a gorgeous bar set up that will remind you of your favorite mafia film. With a delectable selection of cocktails and an exquisite menu consisting of Asian fares and other global cuisines, ‘10’ is more than just an F&B bar; it’s an experience. It serves as a view master to the times gone by, truly a gem wrapped in nostalgia.

Behram Siganporia and Hrithika at the launch of 10.

About the launch of the new property, Founder and Owner, Kyra Hospitality, Chetak says: “We are thrilled to be able to do something like this for our patrons. ‘10’ was a pre-pandemic idea and took us a while to bring it to fruition, we wanted it to be perfect! Our goal and our aim were to create a space where culture will thrive under the backdrop of history. Speakeasies are historic for their contribution to art, music, culture, and society and we hope to be able to do that, albeit with a modern twist. The feeling of having earned an entry into ‘10’ because you are driven by curiosity makes the experience almost like a treasure hunt, where the prize is great food, amazing cocktails, and of course our ambiance. We hope ‘10’ will grow to become an integral part of Bengaluru’s social culture.”

‘10’ also has a robust food and cocktail menu with global cuisines. The cocktail menu was curated by the legendary Yangdup Lama, an iconic name in the F&B industry, the cocktail maven is known to have curated some of the best cocktail menus in the country and has won many prestigious awards. He adds his flair to the bar menu with stunning signature cocktails like the ‘Kokum Sour’, ‘Monk Mule’, and the ‘Southern Soul’. The food menu does justice to this and their tapas-style portions are the perfect combo with their signature cocktails. Some of their hero dishes are Grilled Aubergine with a Greek Yogurt, Lamb Kabab Koubideh, and  Harissa Prawns. End the night on a sweet note with their rich Basque Cheese Cake or the easy-going Spanish staple, Churros.

‘10’ officially opened to the public on the 19th of May with a launch party that was attended by the crème de la crème of the Bengaluru social circuit. With envy-worthy invites ‘10’ is already on its way to becoming one of the most talked-about hotspots in Bengaluru.

‘10’, the new speakeasy bar in Bangalore has been a pre covid project which is finally coming to fruition. Their menu has been ideated with a philosophy of global trends.

Unlike most speakeasy bars globally, their menu is vast as every country/ city has local requirements which they keep in mind yet mix things up to bring new concepts of food to our market. They are a bar with food and not a restaurant with a bar. This concept itself is new to India as most bars have a restaurant to support the beverage program.

‘10’ has introduced some Peruvian Japanese food, Pan- Asian appetizers, Japanese food, middle eastern food, and Mediterranean food, with an emphasis on tapas. Their menu is mostly very appetizer/ small plate centric, to encourage people to try many new dishes in one sitting. They have also included a lot of vegetarian food on our menu and it is dynamic. ‘10’’s intends on changing dishes on our menu every quarter to keep things fresh. They are not cuisine specific but more global in approach to food trends. ‘10’ focuses on being concept and experience-centric at the backdrop of great food and cocktails.

Reservations: 96060 69006

Timings: 2 PM – 1 AM

Address: No. 76-63, No.10, BBMP PID, 10, Wood St, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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