7 benefits of germ protection wipes – How to stay fresh and clean on the go

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Amidst the pandemic, a growing concern for hygiene has opened a wider reach for wipes as a handy and on the go solution for protection against germs. The effective and easy to carry usage has led to an increase in its popularity across all age groups. Here, we are listing down its top 7 benefits that make wipes an essential item in your bag.

Multi-Purpose Usage–The most interesting aspect of the product is that it can be easily used to wipe the germs from your skin as well as surfaces. The wipes can be used for kitchen surfaces, bathroom accessories, keys, wallets, spectacles, car steering, bike handles, etc that are touched by many people. Keep an eye out for thick yet soft wipes, which also leave a fresh and clean fragrance post usage.

Skin Friendly- With rain and heat taking over most of the country, we use wipes to wipe our hands, elbows, neck area to get rid of sweat. With the need of the hour being germ protection, ensure to carry around wipes in your bag that are skin-friendly and give 99.9% Germ protection. These wipes are as effective on the skin without affecting its natural PH balance and are soft and gentle on the skin.

Hygiene –Maximum protection from germs, bacteria, and viruses is the need of the hour. There are multi-purpose wipes that provide maximum protection, should be added as an essential product to our daily hygiene habit.

Convenience- You can easily carry these wipes in your bag and wipe your hands and surfaces at any time of the day. With a risk involved in stepping out, wipes prove to be the best solution for a stress-free time at the home, office, or when you are on-the-go.

Easy To Use- Practically, there is no instruction manual for its usage. You just simply need to remove a wipe from the package and clean it. No matter the situation put the wipes to good use post any contact with a human as well as to clean you nearby surfaces or personal accessories.

Packaging – The innovative design and packaging if the wipes make it equally useful for a longer time. The peel back and reseal pack and repeat the process again.

On the go Usage-With, the plethora of zoom calls while having to step out for essentials, germ protection on the go is pertinent. The ability to pull out a wipe to clean often touched surfaces with protection from germs provides double benefits in our ‘go-go-go’ world.

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