Amiel Gourmet And Grover Zampa Collaborate For A Wine-Tasting Evening

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Bangalore: Amiel Gourmet, a collective establishment of modern French cuisine in Bengaluru, is hosting an exquisite wine-tasting event in association with Grover Zampa at the Centre for Sports Excellence outlet on 26th May 2023.  The event will showcase the distinctive pairing of Indian wines with French canapé.

Highlighting the efforts of Indian winemakers by creating awareness about the quality and potential of Indian wine, the event will bring together gourmands and wine enthusiasts to sample a diverse range of Indian wines by Grover Zampa complemented with mouth-watering French canapé curated by Chef Amiel Guerin.

The pairings will feature canapé such as Walnut Beignet, Parmesan & Coffee; Crabe Remoulade & Mango Chutney; Smoked Salmon Blini; Lamb Cromesquis & Sour Cream and more paired with key wine selections including Soiree Brut, La Reserve Fume Blanc and Chene Grande Reserve. Also, the sugared delights encompass the delicious Mango Tart & the classic Chocolate Eclair.

In addition, the event will boast a selection of cheese by Melchior Fromagerie, accompanied by a melodious evening enhanced by a jazz duo.

Availability: 6 p.m. onwards | Friday, 26th May 2023

Location & Phone: Centre for Sports Excellence Outlet I 8884443650

Price: INR 1300 + taxes per person



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