An Honest Oath For A True Republic; A Reality Check

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Thank God it falls on a weekday! Bonus! I can rest and chill! I guess I will catch up on the series I stopped watching halfway. Or a long drive perhaps? Or maybe, I will explore a new restaurant…. Wait a minute! That’s not what this article is supposed to be about.

In an era where we watch foreign documentaries, movies inspired by incidents that occurred in other countries, our grief-stricken country is for some reason not given the importance it deserves. We normally either show temporary remorse or lash out the terrible happenings with a reckless attitude. “It’s quite common here.” “Our system is not organized enough.” “The Indian Constitution has brought new amendments, but would it work? I really doubt it.” Indian Constitution comprises montages of every drop of blood sacrificed by our freedom fighters for Independent India. Our lengthiest Constitution with so many intricacies was designed to create and follow a belief system. Yet, to instill our hope and suit the changing times, the Indian Constitution has been changed 104 times.

In a challenging generation like ours, it becomes a challenge to celebrate Republic Day as it is seen only as yet another occasion to create memes and upload on the social media handles, for more popularity.

The preamble of the Indian Constitution was designed to say and do more. Crisp, straightforward, and honest. And yet, how it turned out is quite disheartening.

The recipients of JUSTICE are subjective. Be it social, economic, or political, the challenges we are put through for our basic right is exhaustive.

“There are only two castes of people on Earth based on the principle of natural justice.  Those who belong to the upper caste and those who do not belong to the lower.” The objective of social justice is to create a society without discrimination on any grounds like caste, creed, gender, religion, etc. We witness honor killings, men from “superior” caste raping girls/women coming from “inferior” caste. Economic inequality is unjustified where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The hope of brilliant minds choosing our nation for better job opportunities over the tier one countries is a fantasy indeed. Where’s the political justice when you cannot become a leader to actually bring a change? A few chosen citizens have an equal, free and fair right pumped with discrimination to participate in political opportunities of their choice.

EQUALITY is a privilege sanctioned to the chosen section of the society to handpick the opportunities. These are the same people who are equal before the law. The rest fight with fat case files for years, usually walking out with a zero winning rate.

Hands down! LIBERTY is an expensive piece of jewelry not everyone can afford. Some buy because they simply can, some loan money because they can afford it if some effort is put and the others look at the first two kinds enjoy the luxury, and hope to belong there one day. And who is to examine if it falls under the limits set by the law as far as you can afford to choose the limit?

FRATERNITY is an unattained divinity and an unfulfilled dream to unite the nation based on emotional attachment over blood ties. With the mandatory rule of playing our National Anthem in cinema halls to remind us that we ought to be patriotic and the need to rise when it plays only to avoid taunts and thrashing, the journey to attain the true sense of Fraternity is long and tiresome.

The Constitution was framed with a set of rules for us to adopt, enact and dedicate ourselves to its mere simplicity. We play a direct role in creating opportunities for ourselves and others too. We can simply practice what the Constitution ACTUALLY states and alas! What our freedom fighters aimed for will come true – A united, unbiased nation.  It’s time to build ourselves a country that gives everyone an opportunity because we deserve it and not because we can afford it, to rise to the humming of the National Anthem out of true respect, to drive foreigners to our country not only to explore our culture but also because we have great career opportunities and to build a future for the brotherhood our freedom fighters truly fought for. One day at a time… Because practice makes our nation perfect. JAI HIND!

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