ArtDaVin, A Virtual Heaven For Artists And Art Lovers

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Consistently propelling advancements, joined with extremist changes in buyer patterns and how artistry assortments are curated, could all point the route towards an energizing computerized future for art. However, what are these changes, and how artisans could get included has always been a question. An answer for the same is Virtual Art gallery. Virtual art galleries have been an emerging new concept for art showcasing, and especially post-pandemic, this could be a blessing for many good reasons.

A virtual art gallery is a platform where various artists’ work is showcased to sell or exhibit. It’s a completely intuitive encounter which, as you’d expect, can take various structures. The concept of virtual art space started somewhere in England in 1993, and India hasn’t stood back over the same. Various virtual galleries have woken up in India, and one of the best among them is ArtDa Vin-Art, which has been completed for almost three years.

ArtDaVin, founded by Pradeep Gundu Rao and Kalpana, is categorized in watercolor, oil colors, acrylic, traditional, wall art, pastels, Warli art, and Lippon art to bring out the best of all. The paintings showcased here cost a minimum of Rs. 500 to the maximum of Rs. 50,000.

I had a small conversation with Pradeep and below are a few excerpts.

Why did you start ArtDaVin? What was the intention?

The reason why we started ArtDaVin is that I love art. I always felt the lack of opportunities to buy artwork, seldom art festivals. Then I realized that marketing and a platform to exhibit the pieces is really very important, and then I started ArtDaVin along with Kalpana whose husband Pradeep is a doctor and an artist himself. Because we also knew that there are so many people interested in art who would invest in the work but had no clue where to find good work.

How long does it take to deliver an artwork, or what is the process?

We have an exhibit of brilliant paintings on our website. Enthusiasts can look for the ones they like and order the same online. The paintings will be delivered within 7-10 days if ordered unframed and 10-14 days on framed orders. We also sometimes instill stalls at the Chitra Sante, Bangalore Night Market, Mantri Residency Bangalore, and many other places where the art lovers can look at the work and buy or order.

How was the business during the pandemic? 

Pandemic has been tough to everyone, and for us, it wasn’t good. We were totally off. One of our main mediums, i.e., the direct interaction at the live exhibits, was ruined, and we had very fewer people looking to invest in art. It isn’t fair on our part to expect someone to buy art during the world crisis.

How is the present situation?

It is not that great, but we like the traction of art lovers these days after so long. Though we cannot hold live exhibits, online buying is picking up.

Why do you think artists need to embrace the digital space?

As per research, the internet will take over almost every business globally; we have seen that it took over the education industry during the COVID 19 lockdown. Given the same, online deals are at a higher priority than any other love exhibits.

Virtual galleries were a disappointment for the regular gallery-goers, but now it is a new and long-lasting trend.

ArtDaVin paintings are available on Flipkart. You can also order the same on WhatsApp or email.


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