Azure Hospitality’s “At Home” Helps You Cut Down Your Kitchen Time

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Are you tired of spending a lot of time in the kitchen, putting a meal together for the family? Or does the idea of supper seem too exhausting after a long day at work? If cooking is not your forte and you want to get rid of the long & tiring process of preparing your favorite dish, then all you need is our exciting new Retail Menu. Sly Granny by Azure Hospitality brings you all your favorite sauces with an aim to serve you the best “at home” line of products so that one can make high-quality, hassle-free recipes in no time!

In keeping with the philosophy of providing the best of comfort food and introducing home delivery exclusive sauces on the menu, Azure Hospitality’s retail menu is all you need for a restaurant-level culinary experience in the comfort of your home!

To provide you with the best from our kitchens, we have dips, sauces, and jams cooked to perfection & a bakery section that will give you the comfort you crave. Choose from a range of freshly made sauces, jams, and dips- our fresh Basil Pesto or Aglio Olio to give your pasta that kick it needs, or some decadent Orange Marmalade to spice up your morning toast! Our Bacon Jam is what dreams are made of, while our Sundried Tomato Pesto will transport you to the sun-drenched beaches of Italy.

Bringing alive the tasty treats straight from Granny’s bakery, choose from an assortment of loaves of bread, teatime cakes, cupcakes, granola, gourmet cakes DIY cookie kits that you can enjoy with friends and family.

“The idea has always been to provide our consumers the best from our side and to keep coming up with innovations & ideas so that we can bring something new to the table and create a hassle-free cooking experience at home. After introducing the DIY kits from Sly Granny, our retail menu is yet another attempt to provide our consumers with their favorite dishes and make them experience our delicious offerings. At the same time, they sit in the comfort of their homes,” said Rahul Khanna and Kabir Sure, Co-Founders, Azure Hospitality.

Established in 2009, Azure is a creative food company imagined by young people to make urban neighborhoods more interesting. Co-founded by food and hospitality hyper-focused entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna. Azure’s brands have been hand-made to offer a mix of carefully curated food and beverage experiences accessible to all kinds of folks.

Prices for dips, jams, and sauces start from Rs. 275++ and for bakery products and others fro 150++.

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