Bengaluru gets its best homegrown exotic cocktail premixes with local ingredients

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House parties are pretty much the flavor of the season and how many of these cocktail ingredients do you have at home? Probably just some lemon, orange, mint and that’s all. The pandemic has stopped you from going out for the best cocktails and is just too depressing. Also, social distancing has given us some privacy with family and friends that we usually don’t get on a regular basis. And while we enjoy all the good things about social distancing, here’s a little something that will raise your spirit even more!

Bengaluru’s favorite bartender and mixologist Karthik Kumar and Prathik Shetty, Owner of The Reservoire (India’s Largest and Internationally acclaimed Cocktail Bar) are of the opinion that cocktail enthusiasts must be able to enjoy their indulgence anytime, anywhere. And, this resulted in their brainchild “Two Ounces”.

Handcrafted to perfection, Two Ounces is a meticulously designed product that was born from the passion and extensive research in terms of flavors during the 2020 lockdown. Each of the drinks on the menu is a masterpiece in its own right, which blends classic cocktail approaches with local-favorite flavors. From the bottle to the quantity, each detail is designed to make the experience as easy as possible for you, while you enjoy the high-quality professional-style cocktails at home.

“Our range of cocktail mixers that are prepared with the most invigorating, yet relatable recipes incorporate natural ingredients like berries, fruits, edible flowers, herbs, and spices. From adapting classic recipes like the mojito, and giving a local twist with jackfruit to taking a cherished Indian flavor such as ‘chai’ and creating a delicious cocktail with it, the launch menu is an exciting mix of classic recipes,” says Karthik Kumar.

“The specialty of Two Ounces lies in its simplicity. The name comes from the fact that it takes an ounce of the suggested liquor and an ounce of the mixer is all you need to fix your drink!,” Karthik added.

Karthik Kumar is one of the favorite bartenders in Bengaluru city. He became a bartender in the time people looked for Mojita recipes in books. Starting his career with Atria by washing and wiping glasses he now is the owner of “Two Ounces”. He evidently believes in hard work.

Home delivery may be a new challenge to the strength of the cocktail culture that has spread across Indian restaurants and bars. The renaissance for carefully crafted cocktails began within the 1980s but has really proliferated over the past decade, fuelled by trendy bars in Bengaluru where mixologists are willing to experiment with classic cocktails or new concoctions. They’re even helping bring back liquors that had long been left for dead. The rye comeback, the new clarified bloody Mary, for instance, can thank the big city bartenders for enhancing sales.

Packed in travel size bottles, these cocktail mixers are perfect to carry on your vacations. It is also the best answer when you are looking to spruce up your house parties, allowing people to enjoy their drink, the way they like it.

Two Ounces’ first range of seven unique variants, include Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, Black Martini, Mixed Berries Cosmopolitan, Jackfruit Mojito, Clarified Bloody Mary, Darjeeling Chai Punch, and three flavors of Ultimate Gin and Tonic – Blue pea and Elderflower, Passion fruit and Rose, Cucumber and Indian spices.


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