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Traditional artisanal beer brewing existed in Europe for a really long time but the microbrewery revolution started in the United States and the United Kingdom only in the early 1970s. As the breweries expanded, the concept of Craft Beer took birth.

The tradition entered China in 2003 and quickly became the home of the Craft Beer market. Once it entered China, the same did not take much time to emerge in the Indian market and the first brewery Doolally in Pune opened in 2006. And from there how long did it need to pierce in the market of the Beer Capital of India, Bengaluru.  In 2010, Bengaluru started it’s affair with IPAs or Craft Beer and is going strong. In fact, Bengaluru has 60 plus microbreweries and is on the journey to becoming the Craft Beer Capital of India.

Yes, you read it right. There are over 60 microbreweries in Bengaluru. With so many of them around it isn’t unusual to get confused about which one to visit. At least I get confused. I also have a boundary for myself. Nothing more than 7 kilometers from my house do I travel for a beer or anything for that matter. I can call out Bengaluru traffic reason as one reason and I also like staying close to home. I can call it homesickness.

So for people like me who have a boundary and for the IPA lovers, Brewer World has launched a new feature called “Breweries” on their website to help us find out the nearest and the best breweries serving Craft Beers. During the pandemic, it is even more convenient because I don’t have to put my brain on duty to select among the 60 odd microbreweries. I just need to log on to  and look for the best IPA serving breweries near you and also if the brewery I have already decided on is serving, delivering, or not. Isn’t it so cool?!


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