BurgerMan Returns To Namma Bengaluru

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After successfully running for over 8 years across Chennai and Bangalore with 133 kiosks, BurgerMan is back in a new avatar. BurgerMan 2.0 opens its first experiential outlet in Indiranagar, Bangalore, with a unique and innovative menu. The prime focus is on “keeping it light and fun” in all realms of their operations across ambiance, service, and food. BurgerMan’s new burgers include brown fiber-induced buns, flavourful meaty patties grilled to perfection, fresh veggies, and in-house sauces that are thoughtfully crafted so that oil does not trespass in their kitchen at all.

The brand’s vision is to be a cherished memory that makes its patrons smile when they recollect the time spent at BurgerMan years ago. The brand is not just a burger-joint catering only to the burger cravings on a random day, but also a kitchen that’s designed to grill food that balances your health and well-being. Even today, BurgerMan is still considered the younger generation’s go-to grab spot on days when they need a pick-me-up meal in a feel-good ambiance. BurgerMan not only offers tempting ‘guilt-free’ options, but a complete ‘Meet-Greet-Treat’ experience catering to the younger age group, from teenagers to college students, families, and mid-aged working professionals. At the same time, BurgerMan aims to cater to adults who would prefer a sandwich with salads while their kids indulge in some succulent burgers.

Offering consumers a gastronomic voyage, using the freshest ingredients, with pure and intense flavors, BurgerMan will be serving their original dishes in their new menus such as the Signature Beemer Burger, Butter Chicken Burger, Teriyaki Lamb, Smoked BBQ Chicken, and more for the non-vegetarians; Mexican Spiced Paneer, Mushroom Cheese, Pulled Teriyaki Jackfruit and much more for the vegetarians. Apart from the succulent burgers, for sides, they have small plates like Grilled Hashbrown, Bean Chilli Tacos, Veg Street Nachos, Sausage Steekers, German Currywurst and more. If you would like to take a break from burgers, try your hands on sandwiches like BBQ Jackfruit ‘N’ Dill, Herb Chicken ‘N’ Mushroom, from Salads choose from Jackman, Nacho Salad or Chicken Citrus Salad. To quench your thirst, their Bourbon Ale, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Iced Tea, or if you prefer milkshakes, try their Cookie Butter Shake, Irish Coffee Shake, or Strawberry Bliss are some must-try options. End your meal with some desserts like their Iced Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Sundae, Toffee Mudpie for your sweet nothings.

Expressing the launch of their first Bangalore outlet in Indiranagar, COO-Chief Operating Officer, Ramesh Krishnan says, “BurgerMan 2.0 will add an exciting new option for diners in Bengaluru. The burger-bistro showcases a high-energy vibe along with innovative slow-cooking techniques in a vibrant, quirky, and fun setting. The restaurant has an alfresco ambiance for the perfect Bangalore weather. BurgerMan 2.0 will give you the option to eat guilt-free burgers.  We have re-done our burger buns, which are infused with fiber. The patties are grilled and then smeared with delectable sauces taking the taste up a notch. The patties are made in-house unlike most ready-to-fry patties that are rich in protein for health-conscious eaters, those who are trying healthy options, and all foodies. We look forward to welcoming and creating a happy community for our guests in Bangalore.”

BurgerMan’s ambiance is designed with vibrant, cool, and quirky splashes of sunny yellow and a PacMan-inspired Burger crest. The bistro is self-serviced and has a private dining space, alfresco seating, and a small area for some game time with foosball, dart, and books to read. The staff at BurgerMan are kind, understanding, and always at your service to help you find the right burger. Not just in Indiranagar, BurgerMan will expand its footprint by opening 5 outlets in Bangalore during the course of this year and is gearing up to grow across the country. Someday, they hope to be seen in every neighborhood across the country, not just as a burger joint but as a happy community.

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