Centre For Collaborative Medicine At Olde Bangalore, A Gift For Bengalureans

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The ayurvedic concept for the division of the year into six seasons namely Shishira, Vasanta, Grishma Varsha, Sharad, and Hemant is based on the movement of the sun into the northern and southern solastic positions which is called as Adana kala (Utterayana) and Visharga kala (Dakshinayana) consisting of six months in each side. The nomenclature coined as Adana means taking away and visarga is forgiving of strength and vigor in all living creatures. In Adana kala sun and wind are powerful. During this period sun takes away the cooling qualities of the earth due to its scorching heat and the strength of the creatures is diminished. In contrast in Visharga kala sun releases the strength to the people by empowering the moon and the earth becomes cool due to the clouds, rain and cold wind. Hence the Varsha ritu or starting of monsoon is the indicator for the appearance of Visharga kala and restoration of lost strength during Adan kala ie Shishir, Vasanta, and Grishma ritus.

During the rainy season, Pita accumulates due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere and weakened digestion. It is aggravated during autumn when the heat returns. This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season. Ayurveda describes aggravation (vitiation) of Vata and accumulation of Pita in Varsha ritu (Rainy/monsoon season). This is the major cause of various diseases occurring during the rainy season. The food and lifestyle should thus be such that they help in balancing Vata and Pitta.

Water available in the reservoirs during monsoon is comparatively heavy to digest and the metabolism is sluggish during this period. An individual is likely to experience a loss of appetite. Hence changes in diet and lifestyle are advisable during monsoon. 

Also, consumption of a healthy diet only may not provide desired results unless it is supported by a lifestyle beneficial for monsoon. Well, if you are searching to start the regime, I shall suggest one of the best places for the same. The Centre for Collaborative Medicine CCM, a multidisciplinary system of wellness centers located inside the Olde Bangalore Resort introduces Ayurvedic rejuvenation and Detoxification through Panchakarma at Itoozhi Ayurveda Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s primary detoxification treatment that has many benefits. These include quantifiable reductions in an arrangement of blood-based metabolites connected with aggravation, cardiovascular sickness danger, and cholesterol control.

CCM is a place that concentrates on connecting human beings with nature and the environment using collaborative medicine. Collaborative medicine since the First International Congress on Ayurveda which was held in Milan, Italy in March 2009 has made groundbreaking progress. India and the West are deeply connected in Ayurveda, whose interdependence defines “The Meaning of Life”. This concept is central in Ayurveda but is also common to other western scientific disciplines such as quantum physics and epigenetics. Shravan Nayar, Chief Coordinator, Olde Bangalore resort said, “This place is made for collaborative medicine. In fact, Bangalore needs this. For the last 15 years we have been working on the concept and now with the help of the Itoozhi Namboothiri family.”

Itoozhi Ayurveda, Kerala is one of the leading Ayurvedic hospitals in India, committed to spreading the true message of the Science of Life, based on a deep respect for its traditional treatises and combining it with the spirit of innovative processes that stay true to its traditions.

The Itoozhi Namboothiri Family is considered to be one of the authentic Vaidya Kudumbams in Ayurvedic Science. Legend has it that the Itoozhi Namboothiris were the chosen physicians of Perinjalloor village, founded by the warrior-saint of Indian mythology, Sage Parashurama. The unique methodology of holistic treatment by the physicians from Itoozhi Illam has been admired and adapted by many of their peers and still remains the most popular family of holistic healers in the Malabar traditions.

Panchakarma is the main treatment that is used at Itoohzi in Olde Bangalore that has proven to have cleansing effects of toxins from the body and boosts physical and mental well-being and also alleviates many internal illnesses. With Ayurveda already being a part of the concept, the management is working on getting Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy in the same place which will benefit humankind. 

Panchakarma along with herbal and steam baths complement the purification process of the body at Itoozhi. 

Gourmet Food

The second someone talks of Ayurveda treatments all that we get in our head is bland food. Well, that’s not the case here. The doctors in charge will be handing out a list of ingredients allowed for a patient to the kitchen staff. The kitchen staff will be preparing exotic gourmet food which is definitely not bland or boring. 


The stay at the Olde Bangalore Resort is surrounded by lush greenery which has unique Jaipur tent-style cottages along with access to all the top-notch facilities, like a swimming pool, an indoor badminton court, a gym, and even a ride shooting range! One need not go alone to take the treatment.


Go resonate with nature!




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