Chef Boomi Makes Naati Meet Luxury

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All I want to eat every Sunday morning is Kaal Soup and Idli, along with Biryani and Boti Masala, served in a Jonne (Bowl made of dried leaves). I’m sure half of Bengaluru feels the same. Well, it just isn’t about Sunday; I can gorge on this food every day. My favorite spot gets to be Shivaji Military Hotel and Ranganna Military Hotel in Banashankari and KR Road. The Military Hotel culture or the Naati style food culture dates back to the 17th century and is the favorite cuisine in Bengaluru. From Raagi balls to Kheema Balls, all served in Naati style is too scrumptious and heavenly. SG Rao military in Cottenpet is said to be the first restaurant to serve this cuisine.

Other than these restaurants, I can’t think of any luxury hotel serving Naati style food. I was surprised when Chef Boominathan said that he was preparing for ‘Naati Ruchigalu’ at Conrad Bengaluru, and the response was brilliant. I got into a chat with the Chef, and below are the excerpts.

What is the idea behind Naati Ruchigalu?

Naati Ruchicalagu means rustic country-style flavors. The meat would be locally sourced right from the country chicken to Bannur lamb. The same is prepared with the secret home ground masala in a rustic way.

What is the inspiration?

In Bengaluru, ‘Military Messes’ are some of the best places to get your fill of non-vegetarian combination. Conrad Bengaluru is bringing it all together with the “Country style a Food,” which is a combination of all the best home recipes.  Bengaluru’sMilitary’ food celebrates non-vegetarian dishes in their true glory, where the dishes are largely cooked with authentic hand-pounded spices and masalas. Military food is also known as Namma Ooru’s soul food, with rich, piping hot curries and pulavs, where every food item is cooked on coal to bring out the natural flavors.

What are the dishes you are serving?

We want our guests to enjoy a culinary experience like never before and indulge in authentic country-style dishes. So I will be serving Donne Biryani, Ragi Mudde, Thale Mamsa, Mutton Pulao, Keema Ball Curry, Mutton Kurma, Bannur Chops, Boti Fry, and Lamb Brain Fry. I will also be serving Neer Dosey and Chicken Sukka.

Have you been to any military hotels? Which is your favorite?

Our team visited multiple military hotels such as Ranganna Military Hotel, Shivaji Military Hotel, and Gowdru Hotel, where they serve typical Naati style food, which you will die for. We learned and did research on their recipe and converted them to match our buffet.

We Bangaloreans are very particular about the Naati Food; you think you have done justice here?

We always believe in vocal for local concept wherein we have a story behind each meal served at Conrad. However, this kind of food you will only get in Bangalore as they are made uniquely. That’s what makes more guests walk into our restaurant.


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