Conversations Under The Ficus – Women’s Lunch Edition Gets A Launch

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Saturday, 20th March was a day that brought together women from different walks of life onto the same platform to learn from each other’s journeys and experiences and grow and build a community of like-minded people. URU hosted 19 women from different strata of the society, which are an embodiment of women empowerment in various ways and have actively made a difference to other women, for an informal meet and greet lunch and cocktails afternoon where conversations were easy to have in a space, they all felt comfortable in. The afternoon was celebrated with lots of raucous laughter, scrumptious food, exquisite cocktails, and of course, never-ending conversations across the tables. Added to that was a pottery-making session with special illusions from the charming illusionist; URU ensured the first edition of Conversations Under The Ficus was memorable, to say the least!”

Spread over 65,000 sqft of lung space at central JP Nagar, Bengaluru, URU is branched out into four zones with unique ambiances and experiences each – the container, the bistro, the café, and the park. URU offers the best hospitality services, from eclectic menus to curated celebrations in a sprawling, lush green ambiance.

Under the majestic lush setting of the Ficus tree, Conversations Under The Ficus was conceptualized to bring together groups of people from various walks of life to facilitate conversations about their life experiences and to indulge in carefree banter over great food and beverages.

One of the reasons URU wanted to kickstart this property with a special women’s lunch was not just because march is associated with women, but also because at URU, every day is a celebration of womanhood manifested in different ways, of women who are catalysts of change in our society and are building a community which brings like-minded people together, creating a special bond in the process.

URU has had large groups of older women enjoying an afternoon of leisure, groups of teenage girls throwing a birthday for their friends, even women catching up with each other over cocktails.

URU is very proud to acknowledge that they’ve always been considered a haven by women of all age groups to spend their afternoons, evenings, and even late nights amongst themselves and feel safe and comfortable, where they choose to come over have a great time without any inhibitions.

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