“Creativity Across Generations” At Chitrakala Parishath

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Bengaluru: “Creativity across generations” is an art show that consists of 9 members of a Family of French Artists that spans 4 generations, and will be held at Chitrakala Parishath from Dec 17th – 25th. The artists will be showcasing Paintings, Drawings, Textiles, Ceramics, Graphic works and Photographs.

Planting the idea and supporting them in putting up this show is Geetha Bhat from Bangalore– who runs an organization called CFRIA (Centre for Revival of Indigenous Art). Their shared love for Arts & Creativity resulted in this art show from France to Bengaluru.

This herculean effort in putting together this show (consisting of 85 photographs, 22 paintings, 4 ceramic works, 4 textile works and around 20 graphic prints) can only be attributed to their collective love & passion for the Arts.

Claire, an artist and designer by profession, managed to bring together other members of the family living all across France for this show, as she wanted to showcase the artistic spirit and their passion for creative expressions- by 4 generations of artists in her family -her mothers work, she and her 2 siblings- brother & sister and their children’s artworks will be exhibited- all of them in various creative field and two of them are still studying(arts).


The idea behind this exhibition is to show their passion for arts and creativity that is deeply embedded in their family, across 4 generations, and to showcase their expression of love for the cultural spirit of France and India, which some of them have visited extensively and are deeply inspired by.

Odette AUBEL born in 1915 is the first of the artist in the family

Odette, a housewife, studied drawing and painting at Beaux-arts in evening classes in her youth and continued to be an independent artist (painting and interior design) throughout her life.

Jean-Louis AUBEL born in 1943

The specialized educator and then trainer, Jean-Louis taught care through art around theatre and ceramics. He is an independent artist, with many of his ceramic installations and exhibitions in and around France.


Anne-Marie GILLET born in 1944

Anne-Marie taught literacy classes at Emmaüs. She is an independent artist, and studies and practices singing and painting. Her sensitive paintings of people and travels have been exhibited on several occasions in France.

Claire HEMANT born in 1948

After her studies at Beaux-Arts and first work experience in advertising, Claire was a contemporary textile artist, while also working as a graphic designer in a multinational company. She is now an independent artist, using several creative media, and her work can be found in several French and foreign art collections.

Marc GILLET born in 1969

After studying engineering, Marc started working for a European aircraft company. He is interested in music, and travels and is a professional photographer, with a deep sense of colour, frame and light. 

Valerie AUBEL born in 1973

Valérie works as an art animator with senior citizens. She is a dancer and a painter, with her original dreamlike inclination. She has participated in several exhibitions in France. 

Pascal HAMANT born in 1973

With a degree in economics, Pascal turned to creation with filmmaking. He is a projectionist in independent theatres and film art institutes. He is also a film director and has shot several documentaries.


Chloe AUBEL born in 1996 

Chloé pursues art studies and is a dancer. She became interested in body painting, and she is now preparing for a degree in graphic art design and direction.

Marine GILLET born in 2000 

First studying mechanics, Marine moved to a school of art and communication to study motion design. She is a dancer, also practices drawing and screenwriting and wants to become a filmmaker


Prices start from Rs. 5000/-

Venue: Chitrakala Parishat, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore

Date: December 17th – 25th, 2022

Time: 11 AM – 7 PM

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