Desi Women Serve Desi Biryani In Jayanagar

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Most of the Donne Biryani restaurants or messes are tucked away in impossible narrow lanes and uninteresting buildings. I just realized that there is one restaurant, Desi Biryani in Jayanagar fourth block, that does not look like any. This place is completely worth a visit. Even more remarkable is the fact that two women run this place. Men run almost every NAATI-style hotel, and this one is an exception.

Omana Shankar and Vidya Nannuri, two ambitious friends, came together to start Desi Biryani for the love of food and that they were confident of their recipes. As a result, the restaurant welcomes with a homely and traditional feel. Their logo is a Rangoli, and their menu is also designed with rangoli, so you can imagine how old-fashioned the restaurant can be.

Both the ladies are most of the time in the kitchen only to make sure that the taste of the dishes is not compromised. The food is cooked only in Brass vessels only, and the meat is procured from their farmhouse near Kanakapura. Therefore, I could say that Desi Biryani as a restaurant is very much sustainable. They serve on banana leaves and Jonne (Arecanut leaf bowl). After the restaurant closes, the waste generated during the day is all taken to the farm and used as fodder and ta make manure.

Mutton Kheema Dosa

Desi Biryani’s Kheema Dosae is the talk of the right now.  Every blogger in town has been to this place to have their kheema dosae. And, it is worth it. The red rice dosa is topped with the keema gojju and served with green mint chutney. The dish is super-rich, and kheema fans can eat two or three of these.

Donne Biryani

The mildly spiced chicken and mutton Donne biryani is served with raita and green gravy. Although not that great on the spice levels, this biryani is a good option for light on spice people.

Chicken Leg fry

This definitely was my favorite on the menu. I couldn’t stop licking the bowl even after the semi-gravy dish was over. The spices are well balanced, and in fact, this on the spicier side. The chilies in the dish give the perfect hit. Save some gravy for curd rice, I suggest.

The other stars on the menu are Kaal soup with the perfect hit of pepper and added spice of green chilies. Naati Koli pulav served only on Sunday, red rice idli with green sherva, kheema gojju, and Desi Biryani patented Soda. They have four soda flavors which are prepared on the spot and packed in beautiful transparent bottles.

Their delivery packaging is unique. A spill-proof, bio-degradable, no damp boxes made of corn starch are used. These boxes can be eaten by cattle, too, because they are totally sustainable.

The prices are a bit high for the quantity.


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