Discover Aura: The Ultimate Wedding Destination in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: In recent years, destination weddings have become a popular trend, offering couples a chance to celebrate their special day in unique and picturesque locations. However, not everyone has the budget or desire to travel far for their dream wedding. For those seeking an enchanting and memorable venue closer to home, Bengaluru presents a perfect alternative. Aura, a luxurious lakeside wedding destination in Bengaluru, redefines the wedding experience with its blend of natural beauty and elegant charm.

Situated amidst nature’s tranquillity, Aura offers a variety of enchanting spaces, each with its own allure. Couples are immersed in an ambience of romance and splendour, creating moments that will be treasured for years to come. Within the serene embrace of Aura’s natural beauty, let your love story be etched into eternity as you sign your marriage certificate in these five tranquil spots, where each stroke of the pen is a promise to the serenity of your union.

Celeste at Aura

Celeste Aura’s Lakeside Space presents a scenic setting where a verdant lawn gently meets the serene waters of an expansive 18-acre lake. What finer way to seal the pledge of love than amidst nature’s embrace beside the placid waters? It stands as an oasis amidst the splendour of the natural world, an ideal sanctuary for couples to exchange their vows amidst a backdrop of tranquillity. This peaceful ambiance lays the foundation for the deeply significant commencement of their shared path forward.

The Floating Mandap: Surrounded by water on all sides, the floating mandap offers a serene and dreamy setting for exchanging vows and signing the marriage certificate with your beloved. Opting for arrival by boat will have you immersed in a romantic ambiance where promises and love fill the air, making your signing ceremony a truly unforgettable experience against the tranquil backdrop of the peaceful waters.

Vista – The Glasshouse

Vista, The Glasshouse at Aura, is a mesmerizing indoor wedding venue, enchanting newlyweds with its charming ambiance. Here, couples are treated to a stunning backdrop of shimmering beauty. Set within a crystalline glass structure, it seamlessly blends into the scenery around it, creating a seamless balance between nature and architecture. This enchanting setting sets the stage for unforgettable moments, making every aspect of your special day truly magical and memorable, and is the ideal location to solemnize and seal your marriage vows.

Jade – The Lawns

The design draws inspiration from the lush green lawns and stunning scenery, offering a captivating backdrop.  The breath-taking landscape serves as an incredible source of creativity and inspiration. Making it another perfect place for you to sign your marriage certificate, beneath the open sky and amid the beauty of the lawn overlooking the lake.  It is an oasis of enchantment that promises unforgettable memories.

The Courtyard

Nestled beneath a lush canopy of trees and surrounded by the elegant grace of bamboo stalks, the ambiance of the courtyard is imbued with natural tranquillity and organic beauty. Adjacent to expansive lawns, this secluded sanctuary provides the perfect blend of intimacy and open space, embodying an atmosphere of romance and seclusion making it the ideal location to recite your vows and seal your union.

Ultimately, within the embrace of Aura’s enchanting ambiance, the act of signing one’s marriage certificate goes beyond just a formality, becoming a truly significant occasion infused with endless love and joy. By selecting from among the five serene locations within Aura’s embrace, couples can craft a signing ceremony that resonates with unforgettable moments and sets the perfect tone for a lifetime of shared happiness and cherished memories. This once-in-a-time experience within Aura’s settings serves as the cornerstone of their journey together, promising to etch their union in the hearts and minds of all who bear witness.

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