Eight, A Luxury Pan-Asian Restaurant Opens In Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: Bellona Hospitality, the esteemed hospitality arm of The Phoenix Mall of Asia, proudly announces the grand launch of Eight, a luxury Pan-Asian bar and restaurant, making its debut in Bengaluru. Nestled in the heart of the city’s premier luxury retail destination, Eight is set to redefine Bengaluru’s cocktail and culinary landscape with innovative East and Oriental flavours. Inspired by the rich legacy of the ancient lands of the Orient, Eight has geared up to create an odyssey of taste and tradition. As the third outlet of the celebrated brand and the first in Bangalore, Eight is set to become a cultural and gastronomic haven, seamlessly blending eclectic shopping with luxury dining.

Bon Bon

Spearheaded by Prashant Issar, Director, Bellona Hospitality and culinary maestro Chef Sagar Sarkar, Eight takes its name from the luckiest number in China, where Eight embodies qualities such as intuition, wealth, prosperity, innovation, abundance, strength, and tradition. The bar, cleverly dividing the space, features a corrugated corten steel apron and metal bulkhead intertwined with rice paper. With an exquisite and authentic culinary experience, guests can savour delicacies from Canton, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, along with signature dishes from forgotten regions of China.

Speaking on the launch, Prashant Issar said, “We are extremely excited for the launch of Eight in Bengaluru. The city has seen an immense boom in the F&B industry, and our passion is to blend the richness of Asian cuisine with the city’s vibrant energy, creating an experience beyond mere dining. We want to create a space where every dish, every cocktail, and every moment is meticulously crafted to mesmerise our patrons and redefine their expectations.”

Dover Sole

Eight offers an array of sushi, viz. sashimi, nigiri, maki cones, uramaki, timaki, tataki, ceviche, a tantalising platter of tempura, giving diners a front-row seat to the creation of hand-rolled sushi by culinary maestros. Then there is the Robata grill where the chef has crafted a small izakaya selection to complement the cocktails. From the region of Canton, dim sums, Cheung funs, pufs, buns and baos take centre stage. Committed to uncompromising quality, Eight’s menu features an assortment of Curries and Wok dishes, all made from the freshest ingredients. Perennial favourites share the spotlight with dishes like Japanese Eggplant Tobanjan in with Chilli Bean Sauce, Water Chestnut and Asparagus Dimsum, Chicken Bok Choy, Peking Dumpling, Har Goa, and Blackfin Akami Tuna. Vegetarian offerings, carefully curated after extensive research and development, include delights like Tofu & Eggplant in Black Bean Claypot, the Truffle Edamame & Blue Pea Jasmine Fried Rice. Eight also brings to Bengaluru for the first time roast Peking Duck, prepared in the traditional Chinese duck roaster. Guests can also indulge in Eight’s House Specials such as the Steamed Indian Salmon that comes with Deboned Whole Rawas and a Spicy Lemongrass Jus, the Jasmine Smoked New Zealand Pork Ribs served with Jaggery, Yakiniku Sauce and Chinese Red Rice and The Chilean Sea Bass with Taiwanese Chilli Sauce that consists of Sea Bass Fillet, Chilli, Basil, Sempai Sauce.

Indo-Asian Sumatra Yellow Curry

Going beyond the epicurean offerings, Eight presents a curated selection of crafted beverages, and signature cocktails that enhance the flavours of the cuisine for a wholesome east and oriental experience. Crafted with meticulous thought and flavour profiles, the beverage menu at Eight has a skilful mix of conventional blends and innovative cocktails crafted by our mixologist Mr Alphones. Eight elevates the cocktail experience beyond epicureanism, crafting a truly remarkable drinking adventure. The Hokkaido Martini, a signature drink that effortlessly combines umami gin with umeshu plum sake transports one back to the lively streets of Hokkaido. The Kill Bill Gimlet is a delightful mix of gin while the Thai Boxer has a spicy, peppery and slightly citrusy & sour flavour profile. Indulge in timeless favourites like Paloma, Singapore Sling and The Pisco Fizz each expertly prepared to perfection.

Experience the vibrant streets of Hokkaido while sipping on our house speciality, the Hokkaido Martini, which expertly combines umami gin and umeshu plum sake. Indulge in the rich flavours of creative concoctions, like The Thai Boxer, a delightful fusion of sour, lemony, and spicy aromas, and the versatile Kill Bill Gimlet, a gin-based cocktail that complements every palate. One can also indulge in time-honoured favourites like Paloma, Singapore Sling, and Pisco Fizz, all artfully made to perfection.


Designed with a touch of Asian opulence, the bar and restaurant exude sophistication for a discerning audience. Stained wood railings, contemporary Asian chairs, and faux stone walls all adorn the lobby. The focal point of Eight is the bar, which divides the space into four sections that are accessible from all directions. Intimate table settings are made private by metallic glass panels and wood, with hand-painted calligraphy on textured blue walls. A raised floor section offers glimpses into the kitchen, adjacent to a serene terrace adorned with tall-back Asian-style sofas and an eclectic mix of chairs.  The towering metal and glass doors that lead guests effortlessly from the front to the restaurant and patio at the back are striking features. Everyone who enters Eight at Phoenix Mall of Asia is guaranteed a first-rate, culturally infused eating experience thanks to its carefully planned layout.

Yam Bean Tempura

Embodying the fusion of a chic gastropub ambience with cutting-edge Asian cuisine, Eight opens with the promise to enrapture and elevate Bengaluru’s gastronomic landscape. Following their triumphant launches in Mumbai and Lucknow, Eight is ready to open its doors to South India by creating a realm where every dish tells a tale and each moment has flawlessly been crafted to provide the very best to clientele.

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