Experience the authentic Cambodian culinary with a splash of South East Asian along with artisanal cocktails in JP Nagar

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What better way to experience a culture than through its food? Kingdoms and Cultures have shaped the Culinary landscape of Asia through the ages, and a hidden gem amongst these is indisputably the glorious Angkor Empire of Cambodia. The Empire has its roots in India, with deep Indian influences of food and culture. The cuisine has Southeast Asian derivations along the Mekong river belt that flows through China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and finally Vietnam, and also from the French Influences who had colonized Cambodia.


Over the past 2 years, collaborating with culinary experts in Cambodia, to revive the cuisine of the past, adapting it to the present, and preserving it for the future, has been the passion of Founding Partners Naveen and Veena Reddy. Their discoveries of the little-known Cambodian Cuisine intrigued them & ignited their passion to explore more. They collaborated with the Cambodian connoisseurs of food to bring home talented Cambodian Chefs to train and impart their knowledge of Khmer cuisine to the chefs at Khmer Kitchen. It has been a challenging yet a journey worth being proud of for both of them. Veena the Managing partner, says “We discovered that the classical & traditional methods of cooking have survived to this day in modern Cambodia. Be it the superfood ingredients like Galangal, Turmeric, Kaffir lime and Lemongrass or the Hand Pounded goodness of the Kreoung (the Cambodian curry paste, that forms the base of everything), the cuisine is a healthy celebration of Fresh Ingredients that leaves one enthralled”.

Hence with a touch of ancient Khmer and the modern, the Chefs at the newly launched Khmer-Kitchen have succeeded in bringing the rich and diverse traditions of Cambodian and Southeast Asian Cuisine. Be it the Single Estate Origin Coffees to Pork Ramen in the Khmer Kafe or the eclectic menu at Khmer Kitchen which ranges from Num Ban Chok and Mud Crab to the Royal Makhmee.

Also, the team of Mixologists at Khmer is transforming the umami richness of Asian soups and dishes into aromatic, savory, and unforgettable Artisanal cocktails. While muddled lime leaves or chopped lemongrass turn up the volume on aromatics. Heat chilies, peppercorns, and Asian spices appeal to masochistic mixologists at Khmer who want to make you sweat. Their Inhouse concoctions with intriguing elixirs like Wat de Ampil and Realm of Angkor creates excellent dinner companion to an Asian menu.

Being an Architect himself, Naveen has included the nuances of art and architecture of Cambodia to create designs that embrace the best of both worlds by preserving classic architectural details of the heritage home while decorating it with stylish modern furniture and lighting features. The color themes and materials transcend to an era for a totally integrated style to create a spectacular ambiance that will transport you back in time to pay homage to the history and glory of the Khmer Empire and make your experience at Khmer Kitchen as memorable as wanting to come back for more.


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