Festive Flavour Fiesta: Cafe Duco and Kunafa World’s Sweet Collab This Season!

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Mumbai: The air is brimming with festivities and we found the best way to celebrate! Cafe Duco, a Latin American cafe, and Kunafa World Mumbai, a Middle Eastern dessert QSR, have collaborated to curate flavours that truly raise a toast to this season. For this collaboration, they have two delightful desserts in their store.

Nolen Gur Tres Leches

Nolen Gur, an ingredient that West Bengal takes great pride in, a “limited edition produce” that adds its dark , caramely flavour to the crunchy kunafa along with the creaminess of a Mexican tres leches make it a dessert which will truly satiate your taste buds. This is generously topped with a special almond & homemade mishri mix to add just that little crunch making it the perfect bite.

Triple Chocolate MudPie

A mouthful that would transport you immediately to your childhood. Crispy cream filled kunafa, layered with velvety chocolate ganache, cocoa sponge, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pièce de résistance is the luscious chocolate sauce dousing the dessert made of three different kinds of chocolate.

Speaking of this collaboration, Urvika Kanoi, Chef and Owner of Cafe Duco, said to The Balcony Stories, “ I have been kicking my heels to create some uber fun desserts and couldn’t be more thankful to work with kunafa, a brand that promotes the same ethos. In this collab Arshia and I have combined old and new flavours right from the mystic Nolen gur to the comfortable triple chocolate! I am sure we have something that would please everyone’s tastebuds!”

Kunafa World Mumbai is a middle eastern dessert QSR but it’s Indian at heart. Urvika & I have always admired the beauty of nolen gur and we wanted to incorporate the flavours of nolen gur with kunafa. With its limited availability, we knew the festive season was the perfect time to bring this combination to life. And who better than a chef like Urvika to whip up something so irresistibly delectable that you won’t be able to stop at just one kunafa,’’ says Dr Arshia Siddique of Kunafa World Mumbai to The Balcony Stories.

Discover these flavour bombs, exclusively available at Cafe Duco and Kunafa World Mumbai, both nestled in Bandra.

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