GIVA Marks Its Fourth Anniversary With A Magnificent Fashion Extravaganza In The City

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Bangalore: GIVA, the renowned fashion brand, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its fourth anniversary in grand style with a remarkable fashion extravaganza and a side-splitting comedy gala. The event, known as #GIVA4EVER, was a spectacular affair that captivated Bangalore’s fashion enthusiasts.

Distinguished fashion and lifestyle influencers, along with loyal patrons of the brand, were welcomed to this extravagant gathering. It served as a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to those who have played a vital role in GIVA’s remarkable journey since its inception in 2019.

Attendees were treated to a delightful experience, indulging in the exploration of exquisite jewellery and capturing memorable moments with a cutting-edge 360-degree camera at the exclusive ‘Try on jewellery’ section. The event’s ambience reflected the growth and success of GIVA over the years.

Nikita Prasad, Co-Founder of GIVA, expressed her excitement during the festivities, stating, “It brings me immense joy to have each and every one of our loyal customers here as we celebrate our remarkable journey, from a humble three-member team to a large family that spans across the nation and beyond.”

Adding an unexpected twist to the evening’s festivities, the stage was graced by the presence of renowned stand-up comedian Somnath Padhy. His hilarious performance had the audience in stitches, complemented by a delectable spread of food and refreshing beverages by Cafe Reset that enhanced the overall experience.

The primary objective of this event was to extend gratitude to those who have remained devoted members of the GIVA community for an extended period. Their unwavering support has been integral to GIVA’s success, and this celebration was a fitting tribute to their loyalty and dedication.

As GIVA embarks on its fifth year, it continues to strive for excellence in the fashion industry, driven by the support and passion of its valued community.

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