Healthy spread curated for the Bengalurians – A guiltless vegetarian spin!

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What if I told you that a restaurant could give a marshal of possibilities to explore cuisine and it is nothing but healthy?

Yes! Walk into Santé Spa Cuisine to experience just that! Santé Spa offers a one-of-a-kind healthy menu that is binge-worthy and wholesome. With an in-house bakery and a kitchen that runs with no fryer (!), Santé Spa lays before you a spread that suits both health freaks and food explorers. This food haven lays before you a spread that could cover your week’s food binge. Soups, salads, bowl meals, cleansing drinks. I can go on!

This comfortable bungalow-converted-restaurant is an escape to a calm paradise. Its beautiful sections offer privacy for small corporate meetings and birthday parties too. Santé Spa helps moms rejuvenate on a different level as it provides a play area for kids! Santé Spa in our Bengaluru has a menu curated to access the best of local produce and whisk you up yummy dishes to feed your soul too!

Their Black and white Morocco hummus served with multigrain Khakhra chips is a dish that makes you take a pause from your busy life and savor the yins and yangs. The charcoal activated black hummus with an earthy texture strikes off the best balance with chickpea hummus topped with roasted peppers.

If you believe that only a meat lover can enjoy proteins in rich, healthy quantities; make way for Spinach Mungo and Hemp Chowder – its texture so delicate yet rich in protein! Enriched with tofu croutons and hemp hearts, this soup shows you the way to the bottom of the bowl in no time.

Fresh Fruit and Nut Bhel is my personal favorite! The long list of fresh ingredients in this salad explodes tastefully every time you take a bite. Be it the seasonal fruits, the soaked nuts, fresh greens, or the dressing; the amalgamation is an absolute delight!

Crunchy Chlorophyll Dimsums in Red Curry and Crunchy Mushroom Dim sums are utterly the dishes to die for! These appetizers are the perfect examples of scrumptious morsels in small pockets, enriched with bok choy, basil, and baby spinach and coated with tapioca! Yes, health goals from the core to the crust!

Piri Piri Crusted Cottage Cheese Steak and Spicy Korean Tofu Bowl rightfully called the substantial nourishments, feeds your heart! The sautéed cottage cheese steak dipped in the tangy, freshly made Piri Piri sauce tingles your senses. The Korean Tofu Bowl with jasmine rice at the core topped with baby spinach along with marinated Kimchi… I call it a wholesome experience.

Say hello to an indulging zing! Sourdough Pizza A La Grecque – This well-crafted masterpiece comes with a sourdough base and is topped with feta cheese, baby onions caramelized in balsamic sauce, pimentos, and baby herbs. It is time to officially call it off with the overrated commercialized pizzas that sell nothing but calories.

How about some energetic beverages to keep you going while gorging on these healthy treats? Organic Kokum and Chia Kombucha, Iced Lemongrass Chai, Anti Oxidizing beverage with pineapple, spinach, spearmint, and black salt… to name just a few from the zillion beverages they serve. Here’s your cue for the healthiest, yet refreshing kick!

The guiltless affairs to remember by.. Valhrona Chocolate Pie – A gluten-free toasted buckwheat flour base topped with rich dark French chocolate and Passion Fruit Cheesecake made with homemade cheese and fresh passion fruit pulp. Scoop, eat, repeat… And I rest my case!

Santé Spa’s vegetarian menu is vividly wholesome and nutritious. Their creative effort to show that a vegetarian diet can be equally rich in protein and guilt-free gets my full marks! This inspiring spread will surely make an ignorant consider diet amendments. If you think healthy food looks dull and tastes boring, a visit to Santé Spa Cuisine will put an end to the notion!

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