How To Tame Your Frizzy Hair This Monsoon?

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Monsoon has been romanticized since time immemorial. However, very rarely do we acknowledge the cons to this romantic season- ‘frizzy hair’. Monsoon and frizzy hair are almost synonymous. The rise in humidity undoubtedly causes the hair shaft to inflame, thus making it frizzier than normal.  Frizzy hair can be difficult to manage and taking care of your hair and making sure it stays smooth, silky, healthy, and shiny- you will have to pay closer attention to the needs of your scalp. While controlling the weather is beyond our control, making simple lifestyle changes can make a whole lot of difference! So, next time someone recommends using a silk pillowcase for sleeping or adding a hair steamer to your hair care routine- try it out. In fact, changes in your diet can also bring in a lot of improvement in your hair, and anti-frizz products surely make your life much easier. We have handpicked a few anti-frizz products for you, with the help of Naina Ruhail- Co-Founder of Vanity Wagon especially catering to your ‘hair’ needs.

Juicy Chemistry Organic Hair Mask for Dry and Frizzy Hair with Sacha Inchi, Argan, Mango Butter

This hair masque is a therapeutic solution that penetrates deep into the hair follicles to rebuild the dull, damaged, and brittle hair. Its unique formulation is a natural remedy to repair and restore your hair’s health while fighting environmental stressors such as hard water, sun, and pollution. The blend of Argan and Rosemary oil makes it a magic potion for your scalp health, and strengthens hair roots and nourished strands.

Price: INR 900

Bare Anatomy Expert Ultra Smoothing Hair Serum

Bare Anatomy Expert Ultra Smoothing Hair Serum is the ultimate antidote for reversing damage caused to the hair and restoring smoothness with shine. It protects the natural texture of your hair from dust and damage and keeps it smooth and shining all day long.

Price: INR 475

Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel

Rightly said that old is gold, the use of aloe vera gel has long persisted. With 100% aloe vera gel, this is perfect for use as a hair mask or as pre-shampoo care to rejuvenate your hair and give them a long-lasting shine. The active ingredients present in aloe vera gel combats greasy and frizzy hair and promotes the growth of hair follicles.

Price: Rs. 449

Petal Fresh Anti Frizz Lavender Shampoo

Combat frizz with this lifesaving shampoo that has organic blends of lavender and botanical extracts. It provides intense moisture and tames coarse textures, leaving hair ultra-polished and silky smooth. Follow up with the Petal Fresh Anti Frizz Lavender Conditioner (Rs. 760), which is just the perfect after supplement your hair needs to combat that stubborn frizz.

Price: Rs. 760

The Nature’s Co. Foressence, Vitamin Hair Conditioner

Conditioning is the last and most important step to haircare as it nourishes your scalp and with Nature’s Co. Foressence Vitamin Hair Conditioner you can achieve glowing and soft hair with one wash only. Pro Vitamin B5 adds nutrients to your scalp and helps you get thicker and stronger hair than ever before!

Price: Rs. 745

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