I have six releases this year: Tarak Ponnappa

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Tarak Ponnappa, a well-known Kannada actor has been gearing up for a few releases this year. Some of his movies were postponed because of the Pandemic. Tarak lovingly called Omkar from his TV soap Raja Rani recently got hitched, and we accidentally had a small conversation with him. Read on to see what Tarak has to say about his stint on big screen post KGF.

What have you been upto?

Right now, I am just busy with a few movie promotions and dubbing. To name some, KGF 2, Kottigobba 3, Moksha, Amruth Apartments, amongst a few.

How did the lockdown treat you?

It was a little bad as the film industry was affected quite badly. My film Moksha was postponed due to the Pandemic. I have slowly started working, and the industry seems to be dealing with it now.

It’s been a while we saw you on TV, what is happening?

Oh yes, I have been a little busy with movies since my last stint on television. I chose to work for the big screen because I couldn’t manage both TV and Cinema.

Tell me about Moksha.

Moksha is a psychological thriller in which I play a very prominent role who investigates the case of a psycho on the loose. The posters and the teaser have created a buzz in the industry. I am sure; it will send chills down the audiences’ spine.

Why did you get into the film industry?

I am an engineer by qualification. Not to generalize, acting has always been my passion, and when people appreciate your work, you tend to enjoy what you do more and more.

Have you been getting offers to post your last stint on TV? Why did the TV serial you were leading in stop?

I have been getting many serial offers post-Raja Rani; since I have been a bit busy with movies, I cannot manage TV serials. Raja Rani was planned for a certain duration, and it went on as planned and wrapped as the story came to an end.

Why haven’t you gone to the BiggBoss Kannada house yet?

(Laughs) Right now, I am really not ready for Biggboss Kannada. Even if I were listed, I wouldn’t have been able to make it because I had a few projects lined up.

Where can we see Tarak in the next year?

There are about 6 releases this year in which I play the lead in three projects and major roles in the other three, opposite biggies.

Any industry secrets you want to tell me?

Well, I haven’t socialized much with anybody since lockdown, so nothing I would be able to tell you.

Amruth Apartments with a U/A certificate is a suspense thriller that can be watched along with the family. Urvashi Govardhan, Manasa Joshi, Balaji Manohar, Seetha Kote, and Sampath Kumar have played pivotal roles alongside Tarak.

I wish him all the luck for his releases this year.

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