India’s largest cocktail bar, The Reservoire re-opens with a new menu, post COVID

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A decent cocktail is not an easy find in Bengaluru. Normally speaking, the cocktails and mocktails in many places are a gag, and you frequently end up spending way more money than you actually should on them, and they are seldom even good.

The Reservoire has gathered the plaudits for its zero-waste ethos and emphasis on local produce, as well as its audacious, artistic approach to cocktail making. This pub brings in a Manhattan-style cocktail culture to Bengaluru. It serves up almost 200 varieties of cocktails. Yes, 200 kinds of them! The Reservoire has also claimed its stature to be the largest cocktail bar in India with the interiors and menu matching the New York style. It is also pet friendly. Very recently, the owner Prateek Shetty along with Bengaluru’s best mixologist Karthik Kumar has started their own brand of cocktail pre-mixes which are the talk of the town.

This pub gives you the experience and know-how to drink a cocktail.

Where is it?

No. 15, 5th ‘A’ Block, 17th Main Road, JNC Road, Koramangala, Bangalore

What is the ambiance?

Clean, almost Spartan simplicity, with greenery around, pared-back cage seating. Space is conquered by a sleek bar. A somewhat scientific feel is invigorated by the friendly, easy-going, well-informed staff, who serve up drinks with striking speed.

What is the drinks menu like?

The Reservoire has launched a new menu post lockdown, which has some beautiful cocktails and mocktails focusing on ingredients sourced locally. Ingredients are sourced by mixologist Abhishek Shevade with a laser eye and taste on sustainability and neighborhood. From tomatoes to oranges seasonal ferments are made from the crusts of fruits and vegetables.

Which cocktails to order?

Orange Bilimbi and Negroni were the highlights of the night: pithy and boozy still sprightly, fruity complex with a subtly funky bitter edge. The Bloody Mary was like drinking on the beach with vodka, tomato sauce, lemon juice, tobacco sauce, salt and pepper coming together to make a stimulating drink with a briny twang that you’ll either love or hate, depending on your taste.

Is there any food?

There is plenty of food. I can say, FOOD FOOD FOOD! Snacks on offer at The Reservoire range from pretty plates of homemade Sabudana Tikki to platters of English breakfasts with omelets, to the bar’s own award-winning Nariyal Murgh Tikka that is served inside a real big coconut shell. Not to forget and leave the table is the most fun Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Brandy Sauce. When you drink alcohol, also eat alcohol!

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