It is festive season, stop worrying about gifts, we have it sorted for you

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Tensed about what to select to gift your loved ones, this festive season? We got you sorted. Here are some of the best gifts the receivers will love.


Classic Jibbitz Clog

This festive season you can gift your loved ones a personalized pair of Classic clogs from Crocs. The Crocs Classic collection has the perfect footwear for everyone in your family with the iconic Croslite technology, giving you the ultimate comfort. You can personalize your favorite pair of Classic clogs with Jibbitz charms which are a fun, symbolic, and sentimental way to represent your unique self to the world. Jibbitz charms allow you to make your favorite Crocs uniquely ‘you’, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones too!

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Celebrations are the time to meet, greet, enjoy, and indulge in exquisite delicacies. Cornitos brings to you the ‘joy of indulgence’, themed specially crafted gourmet selection to enliven festivities. Whether you want to Pop N Crunch or Dip N Eat, Cornitos has a wholesome range of Nacho Crisps, Nuts, and Seeds- a perfect indulgence and a gifting option that adds a smile on every face and life to every party!!! Cornitos has come with a range of Innovative yet unique gifting ideas. Cornitos Gift packs are for all health-conscious consumers; looking for value without categorization. They have holistic and exquisite packaging.
Nachos Fiesta gift pack adds a Mexican twist with exotic Nachos crisps and lip-smacking dips. Cornitos diamond-shaped ‘party pack’ might surprise the guests with its exotic Nacho Crisps and Party Nut mix. Festive Blaaast is a pack that makes you experience the fun of firecrackers in the Cornitos way. Cornitos Indie Nuts – The Box of Royalty is packed with Cornitos premium nuts. The pack beholds Premium range of Lightly Salted Cashews, Pepper and Herbs Cashews, Lightly Salted Almonds alongside Smoky Barbeque Cashews. Cornitos Pop N Crunch anytime and anywhere theme packs offer a unique combination of almonds, party mix, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds, and coated green peas.
Cornitos introduces their Reusable Bag of Happiness- Utsava, a jute bag that gives the feel of royalty in design as well as flavors. The bags, which come in three different variants, each contain 4 Resealable multi-use packs of Nuts and Seeds which are a perfect blend for party lovers, health-conscious individuals, and peeps who prefer the luxurious taste.
Price:  Cornitos Gift Packs ranges from Rs 190 to Rs 1470

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This festive season, whether you want to impress your loved ones by serving them the beer at your party or by gifting them, Medusa will help to lift up the spirits either way. Not only it offers a great taste but the vibrant hues on the packaging will add to your festive dazzle.
Medusa understands that beer is a passion, a lifestyle choice, and importantly, a historic drink with a unique culture that needs to be preserved. Over the years, medusa has become the perfect combination of best barley malt and imported hops from Germany with 5.9% alcohol strength.
Price: INR 100


This festive season ensures to gift your loved ones a bundle of health and joy with the various options available at Luxmi Tea via their festive hamper. The Luxmi Tea festive hamper consists of various blends from different parts of the globe that hold a legacy with them.

Price for Luxmi Tea Festive Hamper: INR 2,580/-
Gisovu Estate, Silverback Blend, Rwanda CTC Tea – The ‘Silverback Blend’ gets its name from the majestic Silverback Gorillas found in the prehistoric Nyungwe forest in Rwanda. The Gisovu and Pfunda estates border this pristine forest which is also an hour’s drive from the source of the ancient river Nile. This golden buttery brew is the long-lasting taste of the Rwandan Highlands and some of the finest tea in Africa.
Tasting Notes: Rich, buttery, nutty, and with hints of red currant.
Price – Rs. 550/-

Makaibari Estate, Queen Elizabeth Blend, Darjeeling Black Tea – This tea from the heritage Makaibari estate in Darjeeling is a favorite of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was gifted to her by the honorable Prime Minister of India on his visit to Buckingham Palace in 2015. The uniqueness of this tea is in its creation – it is grown biodynamically – surrounded by forests that feed its flavor. It is then plucked ceremonially, to the tune of a cosmic calendar, dictated by the rhythms of the sun and the moon. The leaves are harvested at dawn during May – June. The resulting cup is light, soothing, and delicate with a fresh yet intense aroma.
Tasting Notes: Fresh, delicate, floral, astringent with hints of peach.
Price – Rs. 700/-

Addabarie Estate, Masala Chai Blend, Assam CTC Tea – The produce of this Victorian-era estate in Assam is blended with aromatic Indian spices to form a fusion of traditions. A bright brisk liquor with the typical body of Assam tea and distinct taste notes of pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. The blend is an ode to the humble ginger and long conversations savored over endless cups of tea.
Tasting Notes: Aromatic, bright, robust, spicy & zesty.
Price – Rs. 550/-

Moran Tea Estate, Gordon Smith Blend, Assam Orthodox Tea – This blend honors Gordon Smith, Chairman of the historic Moran Tea Company. His family founded the company and lived in the Moran Burra Bungalow for generations. He was a fixture of tea estate life in Dibrugarh doing untiring work for the plantations as well as social-educational work for the neighboring townsfolk. This blend is a tribute to the Smiths’ legacy since 1864. This blend is a selection of finely plucked and orthodox processed long leaf tea, giving you a dark and aromatic cup.
Tasting Notes: Bold, malty, sweet caramel with hints of chocolate.
Price: Rs. 550/-


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