It Is Raining Ramen At The Fatty Bao, Lavelle Road and Indiranagar, Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: The Fatty Bao in Lavelle Road and Indiranagar, Bengaluru is all set to take you on a culinary journey like no other this September 2023! The acclaimed Asian Gastro Bar is thrilled to announce it’ s uniquely curated Ramen Festival aptly titled #ItsRainingRamen, set to start at its restaurant locations in Lavelle Road & Indira Nagar, Bengaluru from September 4th to 30th, 2023.

With options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, The Fatty Bao on Lavelle Road is debuting their menu of 9 delicious Ramen. The menu hero’s everyday ingredients like mushroom, pork, chicken, and seafood and pairs it with an umami packed ramen broth of Coconut Milk and Kaffir Lime, Mushroom Suimono, Chicken Suboro, Seafood, Kimchi Pork and Cha Shu Pork. There is also a No Soup Ramen bowl that is guaranteed to impress. Gone vegan? Some of the veggie stock can be made vegan too. So everyone can enjoy and dig in!

Ramen, a globally recognised one-bowl delight, has found its way to Bengaluru and Mumbai’s culinary scene through The Fatty Bao kitchen. Introducing an array of ramen styles with robust broths bursting with flavours of miso and soy. Notably savour a Mazeman, a broth less, dry ramen presentation where each component stands out. Chef Saurabh Saran affirms that The Fatty Bao’s ramen creations are perfectly suited for any meal of the day, with each bowl being an experience in itself.

Get ready for victory with these fun and exciting CHALLENGES!

Ramen on Fire Challenge

Challenge a friend to a bowl of our fiery spicy ramen and the first to finish wins a free bowl of ramen on the next visit, and enter a raffle to win a meal for four!

The Longest Slurp Challenge

Dive into a bowl of ramen and DM us with a voice note of your longest slurp on #thefattybaoindia. Winners get a meal for 2, on us! Get slurpin’!

Ramen Menu

The menu boasts a selection of 9 distinct variations of Ramen, showcasing the variety of Japanese cuisine beyond just seafood. Delight in our vegetarian offerings, like the Carrot & Spicy Miso Ramen. This delectable dish features a rich spicy miso broth, generously garnished with seaweed, buttered carrots and seasonal greens. Noteworthy among the vegetarian options is the Mushroom Suimono Ramen, featuring ramen noodles topped with a medley of butter-sautéed assorted mushrooms, nori seaweed, and spring onions.

Cha Shu Ramen

For those seeking non-vegetarian delights, the menu showcases a Curry Chicken Ramen. This offering presents a curry-flavoured chicken broth, adorned with braised chicken, vegetables, and seasonal greens. The Cha Shu Ramen, is a hot favourite in Japan and is made using a 72-hour-simmered pork stock. Topped with our signature pork belly, corn, spring onions, and a soy-cured egg. For those who love seafood, the menu does not disappoint. Indulge in the richness of the Seafood Ramen served in a sumptuous soy-infused seafood stock.

For a unique twist, savour the Chicken Soboro Mazemen, a dry Ramen that boasts a delectable topping of slow-cooked minced chicken in a tobanjan sauce. This flavourful bowl is adorned with sweet corn, edamame beans, spring onions, and a softly boiled egg, creating a delicious medley of taste and textures.

Chef Saurabh said to The Balcony Stories, “The latest additions to the menu showcase our ability to infuse a modern flair into our signature ramen dishes. Notably, our exciting ramen menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, offering a range of options for diverse preferences.”

So why wait? Join this ramen adventure and savour every moment of a dining experience that’s set to up the ante for Asian cuisine. Get ready to dive into your yummy noodles! See you soon at The Fatty Bao!

Guppy and Chicken Paitan Ramen

Fatty Bao, a vision of the Olive Bar and Kitchen Private Limited, is a trendy, chic, fine-dining Asian Gastrobar. The Fatty Bao has been thoughtfully conceptualised to offer a relaxed Asian dining experience. Its whimsical yet refined menu offers a delightful cocktail and a culinary adventure that draws inspiration from the richness of Asia culture, a true manifestation of the interplay between yin and yang energies. Customised for each location, it is filled to the brim with colour, character, and artsy walls.

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