Klava Brings Authentic Gaziantep Baklava To Bangalore

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Bengaluru: Klava, the premium Baklava brand, is proud to bring the authentic taste of Gaziantep to Bangalore with the opening of it’s first boutique café in India located at Forum Rex Walk in Bangalore recently. Klava has benchmarked the ‘Gold Standard’ of Baklava, and what customers are about to experience is a turning point of this delicacy in India.

Klava’s Baklava and other offerings on the menu are made with top-quality ingredients that are handpicked and flown straight from Türkiye, made with the traditional processes, hand layered, and baked with the discipline and expertise by Klava’s 3rd generation Chefs from Gaziantep. Apart from Baklava, Klava also serves Borek, Kahve (Turkish coffee), and other delicacies and beverages that will strike the right cord with customers. Some of the must try dishes on the menu are Classic Pistachio Baklava, Pistachio Signature Baklava, Chocolate Pistachio Baklava, Cold Baklava (Soğuk Baklava) and Ozel Baklava.

“We are a brand driven by quality, taste, and legacy. Doing justice to this delicacy is not just a matter of great responsibility but also an honour that we feel privileged and grateful for. Our aim is to bring the soul of Gaziantep to Bangalore and offer the original Baklava experience. We have worked closely in development with the oldest Baklava producing family of Turkiye,” said Aasim Shah, Founder of Klava, to The Balcony Stories.

The brand has set up an in-house production unit in Bangalore and will be adding Sugar-free Baklava and Eggless Baklava to the menu shortly.

“We want Klava to be associated with every joyous moment in your life! Celebrations & memories are to be marked with Klava,” added Aasim Shah.

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