Laundry Chores made easy with Equator’s 100% Dry feature

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Monsoon turns stylish homes into storage as a makeshift for drying clothes. Equator Advanced Appliances brings you the ultimate solution to tackle the same with its unique Super Combo EZ 5000 CV. The new range of washing machines makes life easier with its 100% Dry feature and proprietary dual-vent technology. The technology can be customized from venting to condensing dry systems, suiting the architecture of your home.

Understanding the new work culture at home, the machine is designed with features like Delay Start Cycle to schedule the wash as per convenience. With its Quiet Cycle, you can conveniently attend your Virtual Meetings or Office Work without having to worry about the machine noise.  The machine also comes with a ‘Child Lock’ feature preventing any mishap by a child during play. With the Eco-Wash functionality, the product helps save energy by 20% and water consumption by 20%.

The machine comes with a lot of other features that focus on healthy living. With the Allergen/Bedbug wash cycle you can get rid of dust mites, bedbugs’ and other allergens. It also comes with an In-built Sanitize cycle that helps kill germs by heating the water at a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius. The anti-microbial treatment technology reduces the growth of bacteria while keeping the clothes safe.

Speaking about the launch Atul Vir, CEO & Founder, Equator Advanced Appliances said, “Considering the new Work-from-Home culture, we understand the increased load of Household Chores.  With the new Equator Super Combo EZ 5000 CV, we want to give our customers100% Dry Clothes right out of the machine, hence reducing the process of drying clothes separately. We are confident that our advanced technology will help customers upgrade their lifestyles while focusing on other priorities.”

Starting at the price range of 59,000, the washing machines come in 8kgs and 9 kgs weight load capacity. The product will be available for sale online on the brand’s website and through e-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, PaytmMall, etc.

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