Local Ingredients With Classic European Flair

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The patisserie selection at Yauatcha offers an extensive array of petits gateaux, homemade chocolates, and macarons that draw inspiration from Chinese ingredients and are presented in a classic European style from 19th to 21st March. Alongside this, a wide range of aromatic teas are also available originating from India, China, Taiwan, and Japan, completing the dim sum tea house experience.

The signature petits gateaux selection includes the rose-shaped Raspberry delice, the decadent Chocolate pebble with crunchy cocoa nib nougatine, and the Pecan coffee delice with a mascarpone based gateau, rich buttery pecans, dark smoky coffee, and crispy feuilletine.

In addition, the patisserie celebrates the arrival of each season. The use of various fruits, fresh produce, and flowers makes the collection distinctive and vibrant. Local additions also include the Tropical dome, mango mousse, passion fruit, and the creamy Red fruit Fromage with mascarpone and pistachio sponge. The macarons are inspired by refreshing and cooling seasonal ingredients such as mango, tamarind, and kumquat. Using familiar flavors, these ingredients are combined in different and exciting ways.

A weekend of Plenty:
The Weekend of Plenty is a quarterly shopping festival of Foodhall across the country that allows their customers to fulfill their culinary wishlist by stocking up on ingredients worldwide. For every 5,000 spent, customers receive 3 gift vouchers of 750/- each, which can be redeemed over the next 3 months. They inaugurated the festival in February 2020, which witnessed an unprecedented 26,000+ shoppers who visited their stores, and their second edition in December 2020 witnessed 13,500+ shoppers, even amidst a global pandemic.

Raspberry  delice: INR 350 

Delve into the rich, creamy Raspberry delice made with raspberry, dark chocolate mousse, lychee compote, and chocolate sponge

Chocolate hazelnut mousse: INR 350

The Chocolate hazelnut mousse is made using crunchy hazelnut and smooth chocolate mousse.

Chocolate pebble: INR 350

Our Chocolate pebble showcases single-origin dark chocolate four ways: a light mousse, a dense brownie, liquid chocolate sauce, and a crunchy cocoa nib nougatine—quite the perfect dessert.

Pecan and coffee delice: INR 350

A perfectly grown-up dessert, our Pecan coffee delice is made by combining dark and rich elements like a pecan sponge, crispy feuilletine, mascarpone, and coffee mousse.

Blueberry and pistachio bar: INR 350

Our seasonal dessert only available for a limited period, the Blueberry and Pistachio bar is made using an almond sponge, pistachio ganache, and blueberry mousse.

Seasonal macarons (box of 6): INR 350

Red fruit, Pistachio, Apple & Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Raspberry and chocolate, Hazelnut praline.

Raspberry Delice cake: INR 800

Similar to the petit gateaux above.

Chocolate hazelnut mousse: INR 800

 Similar to the petit gateaux above.

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