Marico’s #PassTheCocoSoul challenge, a hit during the lock-down

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The beginning of the lockdown brought with it a storm of physical wellness that took over the internet, called the ‘Wave of Realization’, individuals rapidly began looking for home workout videos and diets as the pandemic compelled every human being to focus more on their health and self-care.

Marico – one of India’s most trusted brands and the maker of popular FMCG products – Parachute and Saffola boosts awareness for their newest offering – CocoSoul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. This cold-pressed coconut oil is a medically proven Immunity Booster. In addition, it has various health benefits like weight management, increases metabolism, etc. which were communicated through the campaign called “#PassTheCocoSoul” challenge. This was created by 1702 Digital, one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agencies HQ’ed Mumbai today.

In the time of COVID, the campaign leveraged the need for a strong immune system and built ‘The Chain of Immunity’ through tying up with around 50 fitness & healthy influencers across the country for a 30-day event where these influencers were divided into 4 groups and communicated through various interactive exercises in all the phases.

Within the first week of launching the campaign, CocoSoul had reached 16,000+ users organically. By week 4, these numbers grew substantially, reaching 0.1 million views. This led to a record of organic engagement of 11.50%, with awareness analytics across metro cities and a few prominent Tier II & Tier III cities too.

Commenting on the same, Sampanna Kagalkar, Marketing manager for CocoSoul said, ” This #Passthecocosoulchallenge campaign was really effective and apt during the lockdown. Coco Soul which is always hinged on its natural goodness has immense immunity-boosting benefits that were to be brought in conversation organically. With this campaign, the product seamlessly transcended into segments like Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Health & Nutrition. This led to a stream of conversations across the country reaching out to the relevant audiences and creating higher credible engagement.”

“The influencers we tied up with had the appeal towards the relevant digital segments. This helped us see a definite increase in engagements, views, and impressions,” said Pranay Bhan, Associate Creative Director,1702 Digital.

To avail the benefits of the CocoSoul – cold-pressed oil, you can visit amazon or Coco Soul’s Instagram handles

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