Maya, Where Food And Art Compliment Each Other

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Inspired by Sri Lankan architecture and Geoffrey Bawa’s design philosophy, Maya, India’s first slow living restaurant and art gallery, launched in Jayanagar is designed to naturally induce a sense of calm and bring about easy-paced living amidst the chaos and hustle of fast-paced lives. Maya offers a unique experience of dining amidst an impressive gallery of art.

Zero Waste

Maya brings to you, a delectable scrumptious fare of a well-balanced menu inspired by a global cuisine with a touch of Sri Lanka. Its promise to its diners is to offer extremely fresh food (made with love) and the entire experience is aimed at slowing one down to enjoy the meal over warm conversations and cold mocktails, amidst a lush green space. Fresh Produce is sourced daily, from local farmers around Bangalore, sustainability is deeply rooted in their ethos, Maya aims to become a zero-waste restaurant in one year and feed hungry animals as part of their campaign.

New Artist Every Month

Maya’s dedicated art gallery offers exceptional  ‘Makers’ a platform to exhibit their exclusive works, indeed an opportunity for them to share their beautiful perspectives and stories with guests who would love to enjoy the art around the space and art on their plates. Maya also believes that every individual has a “Maker” in them and is called the “Maker’s Maya”.  One just needs to let it flow, creative juices I mean. Maya also intends to conduct events and workshops to facilitate learning. It is a premium culinary experience designed in a lush green space and surrounded by art that has immense cultural diversity. Every month one artist gets to display and sell his/her art pieces.

Delectable Asian Cuisine

Simple and unpretentious, this no-nonsense venue continually impresses because of the outstanding quality of its food. Asian Cuisine here is all about vibrant, healthy cooking using the freshest ingredients, and there are plenty of healthy as well as inexpensive options: both your wallet (which will remain reassuringly fat) and your waistline (less so) will thank you for visiting here.

Vietnamese Blooming Flower 

The original crispy Onion flower is dated back to but was re-invented in1985 at New Orleans restaurant Russell’s Marina Grill. Seasonings added to the onion flower at Maya have an exciting flavor profile. The crispy deep-fried full onion splayed out like a flower, is at the forefront of Maya’s menu.


The elegant ambiance matches the scrumptiousness of its dim sums. Traditional dim sum meals have not been tampered with here. This place has successfully managed to retain the essence of the classic Cantonese dish.

Portuguese Saw Dust 

Sawdust pudding, or Serradura, is a Portuguese dessert that’s perhaps the best last course ever. Maya’s Saw Dust is elegant enough for entertaining. Different from other puddings, the texture is just simple and welcoming.

Sumukh Tallam, the Founder, says “Our foundational belief is that food must be eaten with all your senses activated. When you eat a    wholesome meal by taking away any stress, your body, mind, and soul is replenished and you are healthier. We have been very mindful while curating the menu and our methods of cooking to retain the nutrients and freshness of ingredients.”

“Our vision is to be a platform for artists to feature themselves and get the right visibility and recognition for their works. We’ve thoughtfully created a space to significantly reflect nature and its elements around us, to activate our senses and create a sensory profusion. We are sure that our concept will be very popular with the discerning people of Bangalore, and Maya will soon be a “Must Visit Experience”, he added.

Address: #60, 10th main, 38th cross, Jayanagar 5th block, Bangalore 560041

Timing: 12 Noon to 11 pm

For info/reservations: +91 7483871410




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