Meet The Women Of ‘Navarasa’

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Netflix recently announced its one-of-a-kind, never seen before anthology – Navarasa consisting of nine different stories about the nine human emotions we experience. This Tamil anthology is bound to be a complete package. The viewers are taken on a journey of experiencing the nine rasas of love, laughter, anger, compassion, courage, fear, disgust, wonder, and peace. Furthermore, the film characters are built so that their arc defines the storyline, adding so much more quality to the storytelling process. So, let’s meet the unique women of Navarasa.

Revathy as “Savitri” in Edhiri (Compassion)

Playing the role of Savitri, Revathy’s character is constantly transforming and developing with each scene, making the audience want to see more. Savithri is a pious woman who is conflicted between her grief and morality, and throughout the film, she is forced to make a difficult choice.

Parvathy as “Wahida” in Inmai (Fear)

Parvathy, known for her path-breaking roles in Indian cinema that attract a global audience, plays a middle-aged woman from a humble background who is married to a wealthy, terminally ill man only to inherit his fortune. What follows is only a series of events that question her actions as she learns the multiple truths that revolve around her life.

Prayaga Rose Martin as “Nethra” in Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru (Love)

A talented singer who is a realist and believes in standing up for what she feels is right, Nethra is a character that everyone will resonate with as she embarks on a journey to get what she wants!

Aditi Balan as “Bhagyalakshmi” in Payasam (Disgust)

Recently widowed at a young age, Bhagyalakshmi faces multiple challenges as society subjects her to unpleasant treatment. Facing all this with a positive attitude, her character instills a sense of inspiration in you as your eyes tear up with her determination and the smile she carries so effortlessly!

Rohini as “Vaalamba ” in Paayasam (Disgust)

Rohini plays the role of Vaalamba in Paayasam. She acts as the late wife of Samanadhu and is his conscience and moral guide. Her character portrays the epitome of support as she continues to judge the rights and the wrongs.

Rithivika as “Anbukarasi” in Roudhram (Anger) 

The character of Anbukarasi is played by Rithivika, who is known for her performance in Pa. Ranjith’s Madras. She plays Arul’s sister, a studious girl motivated to make a well-dignified life for herself and sets a high standard of achievement.

Anjali as “Muthulakshmi” in Thunindha Pin (Courage)

The earnest and innocent wife of the ‘missing’ Vetri, who loves him to eternity, is played by Anjali, known for her performance-oriented roles. She waits with determination for his return back after his mission.

Remya Nambisan as “Lakshmi”  in Summer of 92 (Laughter)

Remya Nambeesan, who has starred in over 60 films as a child artist, plays a strong character in 92. She plays a good-hearted teacher who tries to look at the best in students and has a great love for dogs

Bringing together some of the best actors, directors, and technicians from the entire Tamil industry, Navarasa is all set to premiere on Netflix on August 6, 2021, reaching out to 190 countries at once. From the heartwarming feeling of love to the irritating feeling of disgust, the film will make you experience a series of emotions, all at once. The film features a stellar lineup of Suriya, Arvind Swami, Vijay Sethupathi, Revathy, Parvathy, Rohini, Adithi Balan Riythvika, Prakash Raj, Siddharth, Atharva, Prasanna, among others. Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchapakesan produce it.

I cannot wait for the release yet!

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