Meisterwurst, A New, Good Processed Meat Brand

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Bengaluru: In the realm of the culinary world, some brands leave an indelible mark through their commitment to quality, innovation, and, of course, taste. One such brand is Meisterwurst, known for its mouth watering range of processed meat products that have graced dining tables and delighted taste buds for years. Today, we embark on an exclusive journey as we sit down with Arthur Maurer, Founder and CEO of Meisterwurst, the visionary behind this iconic brand for The Balcony Stories. In this interview, we delve into the origins, philosophy, and aspirations that have driven Meisterwurst to become a household name in the world of processed meats. Join us as we explore the delectable world of culinary craftsmanship and business acumen with the person who makes it all happen.

Tell us about Meisterwurst

MeisterWurst is a real German sausage manufacturer that offers fresh authentic flavours of Germany to India, and it is now planning to expand its reach across the country via the MeisterWurst smartphone application and Dark shops. MeisterWurst presently has over 100 goods on the market, with SKUs changing on a regular basis and distinct flavors for each state. Meisterwurst is available in major cities around the country.

Arthur Maurer, Founder and CEO Meisterwurst.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to founding Meisterwurst? What inspired you to start the business?

I studied engineering and telecommunications technologies. I was responsible for the first cellular networks in India. I’ve been in India on and off since 1995. My wife is from Shillong, India, therefore she assists me in learning about Indian culture and business.I always wanted to do something different apart from technology so I saw that sausages have less competition than other products. The market is big and has a big future. So we decided to introduce Meisterwurst.

How have you seen the food tech industry change since you started Meisterwurst?

We are not creating the welfare! We bring European know-how to India and adapt it to Indian needs! India will profit, as will we. India is one of the world’s largest markets, yet it has a low level of professional processing penetration. So the opportunities are incredible! Everything is feasible in this country if done well and without cutting corners!

What differentiates Meisterwurst from other food tech companies?

As I mentioned earlier Meisterwurst offers over 100 products on the Indian market, and what distinguishes us is that we do not compromise on quality. Quality is very essential to us; it’s what we’re known for, and we don’t cut corners. We consistently strive for quality because it is the reason we are well-known throughout the world. In the workplace, treat each other with equality and respect.

What do you see as the main ingredients in your success?

We are quite cost-effective. We are superior to international products, more adaptable to Indian tastes, and half the price. After more than a decade in the market, we know where we want to go and will not be limited. We are looking for trustworthy partners to help us grow!

With the mock meat market taking the front seat, how do you see growth now?

Meisterwurst is preparing to test their vegan meals in India. Given its enormous vegetarian population and centuries of vegetarianism, we believe there is no better place than India to capture the Vegan market. We’re getting set to establish Veganya, a dedicated brand that will sell Vegan meals. We plan to grow Meisterwurst in both online and offline sectors. We are also seeking for unique shopping experiences to be known as meister wurst stores.

How many products do you have right now in Meisterwurst?

Meisterwurst has more than 100 products in the Indian market

How do you come up with recipes?

Sausage making is an art, and German sausage making has a long tradition. There are hundreds of different sausages, and they are differentiated by the method of production (cooking/boiling, smoking, fermentation, drying) as well as the type of meat used and the proportion of meat used in making sausage. The spice that is added to the banger gives it its uniqueness.

Where do you source the meat from?

We are committed to using only the best ingredients and the freshest meats supplied from trusted suppliers and made under strict hygienic rules and professional supervision.

How is the Indian market treating Meisterwurst?

Building a successful brand in India necessitates a thorough awareness of growth potential and products that appeal to a broader demographic and social group.

What plans do you have for the future, and where do you hope to see the company in 3-4 years?

We are shifting towards e-commerce and focusing on B2B retail with large, carefully selected companies. The emphasis is on brand building, with Meisterwurst driving the brand through Omni channel possibilities. We have taken our brand to a greater level in the last year than we did when we first started. People are becoming aware of the brand and its emphasis on high-quality products. It’s a decent accomplishment, in my opinion. We enhanced our social media presence by driving campaigns with advanced AI-based analytics.  We have also increased our physical presence in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Pune.


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