Mocktail Magic: Navigating Dry January with Bengaluru’s Sip-Worthy Marvels!

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Bengaluru: Explore the city’s most alluring mocktail destinations, where the intersection of sober living and dynamic social scenes takes centre stage. Whether you’re a seasoned teetotaller or just dipping your toes into the world of alcohol-free options, Bengaluru’s mocktail culture reflects the flourishing community of sober enthusiasts. Allow the city to redefine Dry January as a month brimming with delightful, alcohol-free experiences featuring an array of delectable mocktails.

KOKO – Old Airport Road

Savour the exquisite offerings of KOKO’s non-alcoholic line-up, each concoction a journey of flavours to elevate your experience. Start with the refreshing ‘Sober Konomi’ Ginish Zero Abv, a harmonious blend of Lychee, Matcha Tea Syrup, Lime, and a hint of Foamer. Dive into the unique depths of ‘Not a Hiball’ with Ginish Zero Abv, Lavender Cordial, Toasted Coriander Cordial, Bab Louie Cherry Bitters, and Tonic Water—an innovative medley of botanical and herbal notes. Delight in the sophisticated ‘Temperate Air Mail’ featuring Rumish Zero Abv, Jasmine Tea Syrup, French Vanilla, and Noughty Sparkling. KOKO’s non-alcoholic collection promises a buzz-free, extraordinary experience with each creation as distinct as it is delightful.

Location:  Prestige Icon, 4121/S HAL, 2nd Stage Kodihalli, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

Timing: Noon – 4pm ; 7pm – 1am

Price for two: ₹3500++

For Reservation: +91 98443 04747

Öz By Kebapçi – Ashok Nagar

Embark on a flavour-filled journey with Oz’s signature Mocktails, each sip a celebration of vibrant tastes. Escape to a tropical paradise with the ‘Tropical Basil,’ a fusion of tangy pineapple, sweet watermelon, and fresh basil, complemented by sparkling ginger ale. Indulge in the citrusy burst of ‘Maximizes,’ a lively mix of juicy lime, grenadine, and fresh mint, with a tantalizing hint of spice. Experience sophistication with ‘Ruby Rose’s’ sweet cranberries, fragrant roses, and jewel-toned pomegranate, elevated by a whisper of smoky rosemary. Time travel with ‘Turkish Ayran,’ a unique blend of creamy yogurt, sea salt, and invigorating mint. Conclude with ‘Kaffir Lime,’ a tropical tango of orange, kaffir lime, and subtle peach sweetness. Oz’s Signature Mocktails redefine alcohol-free indulgence, promising unexpected and delightful flavours in every glass. Öz is a haven for sober-curious drinkers in ‘Dry January,’ offering a dreamy experience for those embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle with an entirely non-alcoholic menu.

Location:  Timing: Noon – 12:30 am

Price for two: ₹3500++

For Reservation: +91 070906 77771

One8 Commune Bangalore – Kasturba Road

Experience the vibrant mocktail offerings at one8 Commune Bangalore, where each sip is a symphony of flavours crafted with in-house cordials and syrups. Try the sparkling ‘Dos Manzanas’ with apple soda, kaffir, thyme, and elderflower syrup, or the tropical ‘Bramble Spritz’ with lychee juice, blackberry-ginger jam, and coconut water. Refresh with the captivating ‘Blue Pea Iced Tea,’ a fusion of blue pea tea, orange cordial, and peach syrup. Beyond beverages, One8Commune fosters a unique sense of community, turning sips into shared experiences. The mocktail menu invites you to connect, celebrate, and relish the collective joy of Dry January in a vibrant, communal atmosphere, where every drop tells a story of exceptional taste and delightful moments.

Location: 6,7 & 8th Floor, Rathnams’ Complex, Kasturba Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Timings: Open 7 days a week from 12:30 PM 01:00 AM (subject to Govt. notifications)

Price for two (with Alcohol): INR 3000++

For reservation call: +918748881818 | +918548881818

Foo – Brigade Road

Embark on a lively journey through Foo’s non-alcoholic wonders, experiencing the effervescent ‘Garibaldi’ and the symphony of sensations in ‘Moshi Moshi’. ‘Nikko’ offers a fruity escapade, while the ‘Foo Bellini’ bubbles with Rumish Zero ABV and lime. ‘A Disciplined Kokum Club’ provides a disciplined yet delightful escape with Ginish Zero ABV, lime, kokum syrup, and coconut. Beyond beverages, Foo’s non-alcoholic options go beyond drinks; they’re shared moments of joy and a commitment to responsibly savouring life’s celebrations. From the lively blend of Sakura Negroni to the refreshing ‘Nikko,’ each concoction is a crafted experience. Dive into a world where every drop tells a story of exceptional taste, inviting you to connect, celebrate, and relish collective joy in a vibrant, communal atmosphere.

Location: Foo Brigade Road 

Timing: 12 noon – 1am

Price for two: ₹2000 ++

For Reservation: +91 93217 07545 / +91 97420 44747 / +91 93217 07546




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