Monsoon Skincare Tips For Your Neck

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People tend to forget that skincare means more than just taking care of your face. In order to achieve the full benefits of a skincare regime, you need to take care of your entire body. Did you know that the most overlooked part of the body is, surprisingly, the neck? A part of your body right next to the face gets forgotten quite often. But it is important to properly take care of the neck area, especially during monsoons.

The rainy season brings with it the worries of heat rash, acne, and a lot of other issues that cause severe skin irritation. Yet, we cannot just follow any summer skincare regimen because the Indian monsoon is different from region to region. In times like these, it’s best to go back to the basics, and with the help of Rajat Mathur, Manager Education, Kiehl’s India, we have jotted a few steps for the same.

Cleansing and Exfoliation

These are probably the most basic steps of any skincare routine, but they are also the most important ones. The monsoon season can get really humid, which leads to excessive sweating. This causes the skin to become greasy and leads to blocked pores, acne, and pimples. There are also the worries of dust and dirt accumulation. In order to prevent bacterial or fungal infections, you must properly cleanse and exfoliate the neck area, especially the back. Try to use gentle cleansers, preferably gel types with hydrating ingredients. You can also use products with ingredients like Calendula or Aloe Vera for a cool and refreshing feel.


You may think that because there is no direct sunlight, you may not need sunscreen. But, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. The UV rays present in the atmosphere can cause a variety of skin issues such as skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and dryness among others. You must always apply a light layer of sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out. Since the monsoon season tends to be humid opt for a lighter sunscreen, maybe a matte finish one if you have oily skin.


The key to having healthy and glowing skin is moisturization. If you choose the correct products for yourself and religiously follow your moisturizing regimen then you are guaranteed to see results. During the rainy season, it’s best to opt for a gel-based moisturizer to prevent your skin from getting oily. Make sure you choose a moisturizer made up of a good composition that benefits your skin. Ingredients like PhytoMimetic Vitamin A, ProxylaneGX, and Chaga Mushroom are also great anti-aging agents. In fact, Chaga Mushroom is also known as the “Super Mushroom,” because it helps even the skin tone and boosts radiance for a more refined, healthy-looking complexion. Another thing to point out here is that although most of the time face moisturizers work well for the neck, certain body moisturizers work better for the back of your neck.

Facial Yoga for the Neck

During the monsoons, many people also experience stiff necks, in order to alleviate this stress and improve skin conditions you can also practice some simple yoga. With your head leaned back, look straight ahead and place your fingertips at the base of the neck, then lightly stroke the skin in a downwards motion. After that straighten your head and repeat two more times. Finally, thrust out your bottom lip as far as possible and place your fingertips on your collarbone with your chin facing upwards. Hold this position for four deep breaths. Doing this will help relax your muscles as well as reduce the lines and loose skin around your neck.

The neck is a relatively easier area to care for than the face but it is also one of the areas most prone to bacterial accumulation. Avoid all the monsoon skin hassles and follow these 3 easy tips to have a clean and beautiful neck.



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