Moorane Krishnappa, a Rib Tickling Relief For The Kannada Audience

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Bengaluru: Mooraṇe Krishnaappa, directed by Naveen Reddy, is a cinematic gem that seamlessly blends comedy and serious emotions, offering viewers a captivating exploration of political ethics and personal integrity. With a talented cast led by Rangayana Raghu, Sampath, Aarohi Narayan, Tukali Santu, and Sripriya, this film delivers a powerful message while keeping audiences entertained with its innovative storytelling and memorable musical compositions.


At its core, Mooraṇe Krishnaappa serves as a reflection on the moral dilemmas faced by politicians and the consequences of their actions. The story revolves around the titular character, Krishnaappa, portrayed by Sampath, who finds himself entangled in the political world when a local politician, played by Rangayana Raghu, seeks his help in securing a celebrity for a temple inauguration ceremony.

The narrative delves into the difficulties of political ambition and the lengths to which individuals will go to achieve their goals. Through the character of Krishnaappa, the film explores the ethical boundaries of political power, highlighting the importance of integrity and honesty in public service. It also raises questions about the role of celebrity culture in politics and the impact of personal connections on decision-making.

Characterization and Performances

The performances in Mooraṇe Krishnaappa are exceptional, each actor bringing their character to life with nuance and depth. Sampath delivers a standout performance as the protagonist, infusing Krishnaappa with a blend of earnestness and complexity. His portrayal captures the essence of a man torn between loyalty to his friend and the need to uphold his principles. This internal conflict is shown with subtlety and emotion, making Krishnaappa a relatable and compelling character.

Rangayana Raghu shines as the conniving politician, bringing a sense of cunning and charisma to the role. His interactions with Sampath’s character are among the film’s most compelling moments, showcasing the dynamic interplay between power and morality. Raghu’s act is both menacing and charming, creating a multifaceted antagonist who is both intriguing and repulsive. He is good as usual.

Aarohi Narayan, Tukali Santu, and Sripriya deliver solid performances in their respective roles, adding layers to the narrative with their nuanced portrayals. Aarohi Narayan’s character, in particular, adds a layer of emotional depth, providing a counterbalance to the political machinations with a more personal and intimate perspective. Tukali Santu, Ugrram Manju and Sripriya’s characters are well-developed and integral to the story, each contributing to the overall richness of the film.

Direction and Cinematography

Naveen Reddy’s direction is masterful, skillfully navigating the film’s tonal shifts and maintaining a sense of coherence throughout. His ability to balance humor and drama is commendable, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. Reddy’s direction ensures that the film never loses its momentum, smoothly transitioning between moments of light-hearted comedy and intense drama.

The cinematography in Mooraṇe Krishnaappa is visually good, capturing the beauty of the film’s rural setting with precision. Each frame is carefully composed, enhancing the film’s thematic depth and emotional resonance by Yogendra Prasad. The use of natural lighting and wide shots of the landscape create a vivid experience. The attention to detail in the cinematography underscores the film’s themes, making the rural setting almost a character in its own right.


The soundtrack of Mooraṇe Krishnaappa is a standout aspect of the film, with the song “Bagehariyada Ogatugalu” emerging as a melodious hit that lingers in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll. The music complements the narrative perfectly, adding another layer of emotion to the storytelling. The score, composed by Anand Rajavikram and Suprith Sharma, blends traditional and contemporary elements, creating a soundscape that enhances the film’s atmosphere. The use of music in key scenes underscores the emotional highs and lows, making the audience’s connection to the story even more profound.

Mooraṇe Krishnaappa is a remarkable rib tickling cinematic piece that navigates the complexities of political life while offering viewers a compelling narrative filled with drama, and heart. With its good performances, engaging storyline, and musical score, this film is a must-watch.


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