New technologies that are making your everyday life easy during COVID-19

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The global pandemic has created a lot of distress in the way society functions. Individuals have had to look at life in a whole new way. The most affected are ones who need constant care and medical attention. The management of the pandemic outbreak gave rise to a plethora of digitally-enabled technologies that can empower us in regulating our everyday lives.

Here are 5 mobile medical technologies you can equip yourself with to ease your anxiety around COVID-19.

The at-home rapid COVID-19 antibody test

The at-home COVID-19 test created to test coronavirus in the pre-symptomatic phase allows the patient to test for existing SARS-CoV 2 antibodies in their system. The at-home test is not only potent but also an easy way to detect COVID-19 in its early stages. The availability of this kind of technology makes COVID-19 detection all the more preventive and accessible. At the slightest doubt, the patient can take this test to determine whether or not they have contracted the COVID- 19 virus.

Remote patient monitoring platforms

With the risk of getting infected with coronavirus looming over everyone, people have become wary of hospital visits or stepping out in general. Due to the rise in the number of covid-19 cases, most of the patients with mild symptoms are advised by the hospital authorities or are opting for home quarantine to recover from the disease. To get to grips with such a scenario, remote patient monitoring platforms like Vigocare is the perfect solution. The unique AI-based system allows the patient to upload their vitals on a cloud via a mobile app, allowing doctors and healthcare providers to monitor and observe the patient round the clock through their AI-enabled connected care network. Vigocare provides a holistic overview of the critical vitals like oxygen levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, skin temperature, and ECG, equipping at-risk or infected COVID-19 patients to seek care in real-time. Platforms such as Vigocare are ensuring that the entire process is contactless and hassle-free while also being reassuring and reliable.

Portable temperature sensors

According to the WHO, the onset of fever is an early symptom of COVID – 19 infection. With guests and house help visiting your home constantly and frequently post a prolonged lockdown, a portable temperature sensor could be just what you need. These devices come in handy if you want immediate results. The sensory temperature checkers allow you to check an individual’s temperature in a contactless way to ensure that anyone visiting your home is under safe temperature boundaries and does not pose any health-related risks to your loved ones.

Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies have made life easier for people staying at home and who are not comfortable about stepping out. Online pharmacies have gained immense popularity during the pandemic as it offers easy accessibility and the convenience of home delivery.  It is also helping in curbing down the need to step out and head to a pharmacy physically, making it safe and recommendable. Even for those in isolation or quarantine, the availability of a seamless network of e-pharmacies makes life easy and safe.

 Aarogya Setu

The Aarogya setu app is location-enabled and helps you to monitor the condition around you geographically. The Aarogya setu app seamlessly flags off red zones or containment zones to the user and maps their safety levels nearby. The app not only helps gauge the safety quotient of your nearby areas but also helps in keeping the user informed on the number of cases being reported daily to make information readily available to curb any undue anxiety and reassure its users. In order to create a safer environment, in some of the states, it is now mandatory to have the app on your mobile phone in case you’re planning on visiting a mall, store, etc.

The new normal is a digital way of life. As the new normal has enabled us to work from home and attend the online school, COVID-19 care from home is also possible and accessible. The pandemic has caused a tremendous amount of anxiety, paranoia, and frustration pertaining to what is safe and what is not. With the technological developments taking place every day, people are being provided with digital solutions to fight the disease and receive the utmost care through the safest mediums possible.  It is safe to say that such immersive technologies will become the new normal and everyday essential in the foreseeable future.

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