Pandemic, Economic Recession, Social Unrest, Environmental Degradation, Failing Governance, Where Lies The Real Crisis?

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More than six decades ago, J Krishnamurti laid bare the fundamental causes for deepening societal and individual crises that ravage our world today besides illumining a way out of it.

History seems to be the story of man-made catastrophes, and these seem to occur regularly, repeatedly and unfailingly, always taking the world by shock and surprise, disproving all the predictions and promises of the pundits and experts, setting at naught the calculations of the intellect, defying logic and reason, and leaving human beings baffled and helpless.

The latest pandemic leading to a severe global economic downturn and deep continuing social unrest has yet again brought a major crisis to our doorstep. The response, as always, is one of seeking solutions outside of us, be it a vaccine or economic revitalization. And when there is some semblance of ‘normalcy’, we move on to our everyday struggles of making ends meet and striving to get somewhere as if they were different from the abnormal crisis, we have just been through. We rarely question why is it that we find ourselves going from one crisis to another. We never ask whether our present way of living itself is not the cause of the next global crisis. Most importantly, we never ask whether we can ever live without any crisis or struggle.

Krishnamurti, one of the 20th century’s most influential teachers, revealed, with great precision, the workings of the human mind which, he maintained, was the cause of all crises. Set in plain English and drawing from ordinary human life, Krishnamurti’s talks, writings, and dialogues bring a daringly original approach to the existential dilemmas that confront us. Through his unique explorations of the human condition, he makes us aware of several fundamental questions, some of which are given in the Real Crisis – Digital Booklet as excerpts from his talks and writings of nearly five decades, covering the years from 1934 to 1985.

One of the questions Krishnamurti asks is ‘Why has man, who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, come to such misery and conflict? If you put aside the easy explanations of over-population, lack of morality—which goes with technological knowledge and this lack of direct communication—what then is the fundamental reason, the fundamental cause of this misery? Why is it that in a country like this that has had the tradition of goodness, kindliness, of not killing, of not being brutal… why is it and whence is it that something has gone totally wrong?’

J Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) is regarded by many as the most significant voice of our times and as one who has a most profound impact on human consciousness. Born in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, he travelled constantly around the world, giving talks to thousands of listeners, writing, holding discussions with the brightest minds of the century, or sitting silently with those who sought his compassionate and healing presence.

Sage, philosopher, and religious teacher, Krishnamurti illumined the lives of millions the world over – it is estimated that he talked to more people in recorded history. More than three million copies of his books have sold worldwide. His material legacy, consisting chiefly of video and audio recordings of his talks and dialogues, is vast.  These dialogues and talks can be accessed at his official channel

Krishnamurti set up four foundations – one each in India, United Kingdom, United States, and Spain to preserve and make available for posterity his teachings without any distortion.

Education that would bring about a human being with a radically new consciousness was close to Krishnamurti’s heart. He set up schools in India, the UK, and the USA. Today, the Krishnamurti Foundation India manages six schools – Rishi Valley School (Madanapalle), Rajghat Besant School (Varanasi), Valley School (Bengaluru), The School-KFI (Chennai), Sahayadri School (Pune), and Pathashaala school (near Chennai). Each of these schools has a study center that is open to anyone wishing to engage with the teachings.

The Krishnamurti Foundation India is located at the Vasanta Vihar in Chennai. This used to be Krishnamurti’s home when he toured India. Today it houses a study center, a library, a bookstore, and an archive of the original teachings.

The Krishnamurti Foundation India has published nearly 100 books of his talks, dialogues, and writings.  These are some of the more widely read books over the past sixty years and are available at and Amazon.

The Awakening of Intelligence, Commentaries on Living (3 volumes), Freedom from the Known, Think on These Things, The First and Last Freedom, What are You Doing with Your Life?


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