‘Pebble’ Partners With NuAir In A Unique Merger Promising A Dining Experience Like No Other

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Legacy property Pebble has partnered with modern contemporary NuAir. The venue has been an integral part of the clubbing scene in Bangalore for over two decades. This new partnership promises a unique experience to their consumers. Pebble debuted as NuAir Pebble marking their entry into a post lockdown market with a revamped menu and aesthetic all in compliance with all COVID-19 regulations.

Nestled away cozily under their trademark banyan tree, the property hosts a wide-ranging fusion-inspired Indian food menu and woodfire pizzas to please every palate. Eclectic fusion flavors come together using fresh ingredients. The sensational food derives from authentic, rustic flavors being fused with traditional Indian flavors making for an assortment of food like no other.

The nalli nihari boasts an aromatic blend of spices that can be paired with your favorite bread or naan, or the flavorsome prawn curry is a delight on a plate for the seafood lover looking for some lip smacking seafood curry. Their fast-selling Kadai chicken is yet another delight for chicken lovers; that is not all; there is something for everyone. Their creamy and rich Shahi Paneer is yet another fast-moving delicacy NuAir Pebble amongst other vegetarian options for the veggie lover. These beautifully crafted dishes are carefully curated to retain the spiciness and tanginess of Indian flavors whilst marrying them to other equally complex and aromatic flavors.


NuAir Pebble also has an impressive wood fire menu. Their rustic wood brick oven compliments NuAir Pebble’s kitschy yet somehow tropical aesthetic. Their ‘Inside Out’ specialty calzone is an enticing mixture of spinach, mixed peppers, onion silvers, paneer, and cheese all bundled into a heavenly cocoon of inhouse kneaded sourdough and baked to absolute perfection. Adding to the already intricate menu are their wood-fired pizzas. The NuAir double cheese burst is a cheese lover’s dream come true, followed by their extremely popular Peri Peri Chicken Pizza for the spice enthusiast.

NuAir Pebble hosts a variety of events and daily offers with exclusive discounts and offers on their menu. They have a weekday daily offer menu with a plethora of options made available to their customer.  These can be availed by visiting their social media handles, which are updated regularly to keep customers up to speed with all their tempting offers and discounts.

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