Popped Not fried: Gowri Satyamoorthy

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It is really hard a resist a pack of potato chips, isn’t it? Especially, when we are on a diet the craving hits at weird times. Well, it is not our mistake, or doesn’t mean we lack will power because science approves that chips are super addictive. Potato chips in any form are the most addictive foods in the world.

According to a medical journal consuming chips is associated with 65 percent of obese men and women with weight gain. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, you read it right. It is absolutely possible to grub on potato chips and still lose weight. Now, you need to shop smart. Just look for Whyfryy!

Gowri Satyamoorthy started Whyfryy, the first popped potato chips brand in Bengaluru right before COVID 19 outbreak. Whyfryy is 60% less fat with more wisdom. She clearly understood our taste buds. She knew when we think of snacks, we think of the taste and more often it is potato chips. I got to speak to her and below are a few excerpts.

What exactly does “Popped, Not Fried” mean?

Potato chips are usually made by frying potatoes in hot oil – that cooks the potato and makes it into a chip. Unfortunately, it also means that more than one-third of the chip is just oil! Our Popping process uses only heat and pressure to cook the chips, without going anywhere near a fryer. There’s no deep-frying, or frying of any kind at all, for that matter. So, no oil and grease loaded onto each chip.

Are these chips crunchy? And as tasty as regular potato chips?

Oh yes, they are! Our popping process makes sure that each chip comes out crisp, crunchy, and bite-y. And then, we toss the chips around with spices, seasoning, and a dash of oil. So that you get the delight in every bite, that you expect in a bag of chips. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Grab a bag and see for yourself!

What gives them the edge over other packaged snacks?

We snack to enjoy what we eat…and eat what we enjoy. It’s actually that simple. Unfortunately, most of those sinful snacks that we enjoy come loaded with fat and other not-so-good stuff. WhyFryy (popped, not fried) Potato Chips have been carefully created to cut back on the nasties, without letting go of the taste, flavor, and crunch, that makes for a great bag of chips.

Are these chips kid-friendly?

It’s never too early to start eating lesser fat in snacks! We’ve cut back on the nasty stuff for that reason exactly. So that kids can learn to indulge occasionally, alongside a healthy balanced diet and plenty of exercises.

Can I eat these all the time and never get fat?

Well…no. We strongly urge everyone to treat potato chips, even our popped kind, as the snack they were always meant to be. They’re for your delight and those in-between times, not your entire diet. Health is so much more than not getting fat! To stay healthy, you must eat 3-4 balanced meals every day, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. And get enough exercise each day, so that you can indulge in the snacks that you love, for a long, long time to come!

You started just before the COVID 19 outbreak; did you feel the pinch of being a new entrepreneur? 

There were definitely a lot of challenges in launching a new brand at the same time as the COVID outbreak.  I decided to take it one day and one week at a time, and stay focused on my tasks and not get fazed by all the uncertainty surrounding us. We went about distributing the product to our sales partners and retailers with the true spirit of partnership, focusing on creating a win-win solution for them and us.  This really helped us.

How tough or easy was it to start a new food business? 

What helped us here is that people were already worried about the impact of lack of exercise and poor diets during the lockdown.  There was also an upsurge in snacking, while families were locked indoors.  This meant that our consumers were looking for healthier snacks and were more than happy to try out our brand.  Our promise of Tasty yet Healthier (60% less fat) potato chips worked well for us, and people loved our product!  I had consumers calling and writing in that this was just what they were looking for!

Being a woman makes a difference in becoming an entrepreneur? 

I feel women are more intuitive in understanding consumer needs, which is always a big plus when you start any consumer-facing businesses.  So, I would say it’s a plus! With regard to how the world views women entrepreneurs, I have found that if one approaches people with a professional outlook, they soon forget the gender of the person they are dealing with.  As women, we tend to sometimes sell ourselves short and we need to be conscious not to do that.  We need to believe in ourselves and bolster our self-confidence so that we can exude that confidence as we go about entrepreneurship.

How do you come up with flavors? 

At this point, since we are just entering the market, we have chosen flavors that people already know and love.  As we go forward, we are looking at both popular Indian flavors, as well as international flavors that we think would work well for Indian consumers.

What is the state of the market now?

Depending on where one is living, one may have a different experience, but by and large, markets are opening up.  People are gradually learning to live with the shadow of the virus and incorporating precautions, but not letting it deter them from coming out of their homes and getting on with their everyday life. For us, it’s a positive sign that businesses and the economy should begin to pick up again, after the slump of the last few months.

Future plans?

At the moment, we are focused on making our product available to as many consumers as possible, all over Bangalore first, and then other cities in the south.  We want to be available wherever people are shopping for snacks so that we can present them with a healthier alternative!

Anything other than potato you plan to launch?

It’s too early to say! We would first like to create a lot of love among a lot of people for our potato chips!  For too long, people have believed that health comes at the cost of taste.  We are trying to give them both – their favorite potato chip, in a better avatar.

WhyFryy – when you can Pop – a better alternative to oily, fried chips!


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