Salud Gives Away 100% Profits For Covid Relief

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In this current situation, we all must find a way to do our part. Urban lifestyle brand, Salud Beverages, is doing its part by pledging 100% of all profits on sales of its exclusive merchandise to Cheshire Homes India – a non-profit organization currently raising funds to support the COVID-affected community.

“The world saw how India was impacted during the second wave of the pandemic. And for us, at Salud, it hit very close to home. We believe strongly in being socially responsible and wanted to do our bit to help and to contribute to those working so hard for COVID relief,” said Shoiab Rafi, National Head, Sales and Marketing, Salud Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Salud’s Shop and be a Saviour campaign gives everyone the chance to be a savior, with all profits from June to August going towards COVID relief. Every time you buy Salud tees, trucker hats, coasters, and other exclusive Salud Merchandise, you directly help someone affected by the pandemic.

Cheshire Homes has been working with the disabled and economically disadvantaged, giving them the opportunity to be valued and dignified members of society through education, economic empowerment, advocacy, health & rehabilitation.

Salud– an Urban Lifestyle Company, began as a beverage brand with the launch of G&T 2.0 – India’s first ready-to-drink gin and tonic. It has, however, evolved into a full-fledged lifestyle brand with Salud Merchandise and Salud Sessions music.

The brand’s ethos is about giving people fresh, modern, and socially responsible avenues to bond with their tribe and celebrate life. Salud has proven its passion for supporting important causes and ideals before. For example, it uses only natural ingredients, makes eco-friendly upcycled coasters, celebrates inclusivity with its Live Free campaign, and encourages social distancing with its Real Heroes Stay Home campaign.

This Shop and be a Saviour initiative is just another example of its commitment to the things that matter most.

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