Say, Brownies! Brownies! Brownies!

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Brownies are a much-loved dessert for every human. It all started when Bertha Palmer, whose husband owned the Palmer House hotels, asked the pastry chef to make a dessert which shall be smaller than a piece of cake for the ladies who were attending the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The outcome of that was the Palmer House brownie with an apricot glaze and walnuts. Eventually when this brownie went viral most of them liked it and came out with different recipes then a number of recipes evolved. Similarly, in south Bengaluru, we have one Brownie cloud kitchen you can vouch for during your Brownie cravings.

Gooeylty Brownies serves 28 kinds of them. They specialize in gooey, fudgy, pure chocolate brownies, and various flavored brownies. Few vital ingredients for these brownies are Dark, Milk, and White chocolate. It’s not over yet! They also specialize in 6 recipes and 8 different flavored pure butter cookies such as plain, chocolate chip, chilly butter, cinnamon sugar, coconut butter, jeera, roasted almond, and cashew.

It’s been a year since they started and now Gooeylty is a hot hub for brownies and cookies in South Bengaluru. The same is the result of the hard work Chef Rohit Kumar KN puts in. After graduating in hotel management he specialized in dessert making. He has worked with bigger brands like Bliss chocolates and 5-star hotels like The Taj West End and the ITC Gardenia.

A seed is grown into a vast tree now with multiple R&D cherishing in reaching thousands of customers and equipped in producing 3,000 brownies and cookies per day. One of the regular visitors has quoted, “One of the sterling brownies I have ever had, and they have different types. It’s a must-visit place.”

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