Say GoodBye To Hair Frizz This Summer With Cadiveu

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Bengaluru: If you’ve ever wondered why summer makes your hair so much frizzier, it’s because of the moisture-rich, humid air. Because the natural oils produced in the scalp have a harder time moving down the hair shaft, causing dryness and frizz, people with natural curls also frequently have frizzy hair. A well-known hair care company, Cadiveu Professional, provides premium goods designed to meet the unique requirements of various hair types. They have added nourishing elements to their Frizz Free line to help manage frizz and give hair a silky, smooth finish. The range comprises a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and leave-in treatment that work together to provide comprehensive frizz control.

Cadiveu Frizz Free Shampoo

The Cadiveu Frizz Free Shampoo gently cleanses hair, removing dirt and buildup while taming frizz and providing a smooth finish.

Price: INR 990/-

Cadiveu Frizz Free Conditioner 

The Frizz Free Conditioner provides deep nourishment and hydration to hair, leaving it soft and silky, while also controlling frizz.

Price: INR 1090/-

Cadiveu  Frizz Free Mask 

The Frizz Free Mask is a luxurious treatment that helps repair and strengthen hair while providing comprehensive frizz control for a smooth, shiny finish.

Price: INR 1150/-

Cadiveu Leave in Gradual Smoothing 

The Leave-In Gradual Smoothing Treatment is an essential styling product that provides long-lasting frizz control and adds shine to hair.

Price: INR 1350/-

Bye Bye Frizz Leave-in Frizz Killer 200ml

The Leave-in Frizz Killer is a styling product that tames frizz, hydrates, and shines hair to perfection.

Price: INR 1250/-

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