‘Scintillare’ Bold Jewellery For Bold Women Of Today

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The leading new age online-first fashion jewelry brand, Sukkhi, has announced its daily wear collection launch – “Scintillare.” This new collection celebrates the bold women of today who prefer modern contemporary jewelry designs and elegant patterns that are chic, youthful, minimal, and affordable. In addition, “Scintillare” by Sukkhi aims to add that subtle bling that stands out even with formal attire and at social occasions.

Sukkhi’s new collection features designs that are an aesthetic representation of modern-day bold women. Every piece of jewelry is intricately designed and is versatile, quirky, and lightweight that can be worn on multiple occasions. The collection is an exquisite wide range of gold-plated, rhodium plated, rose gold plated necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry. Keeping in mind the modern-day consumer demand, Sukkhi has launched over 200 designs this year. Moreover, the jewelry is affordable, with a price range of Rs. 250 that enables women from all walks of life to add to their style statement and make it easily accessible and affordable for this audience.

Speaking of the new collection, Bhavesh Navlakha, Founder, Sukkhi, says, “As a customer-first brand known for its traditional fashion jewelry, Sukkhi wanted to address that the new age women are looking for affordable and stylish jewelry options that can not only enhance their beauty but also make them feel confident and assured. This collection is inspired by the independent and passionate women who bring their personalities to everything they do, including their wardrobe. “Scintillare” by Sukkhi is a classic-meets-contemporary collection that can be re-worn for a host of occasions, from workwear to small gatherings. It is inspired by the women of today and caters to women who are looking for versatile jewelry – both fashionably yet functionally”.

He adds, “We are proud to be a home-grown brand that has reached over 60 lacs, consumers, since inception, and we believe in manufacturing within India, which helps us to have complete control over quality and design while ensuring timely delivery. With this ethos, all the designs of this collection are Made in India, and Sukkhi plans to develop the product for further designs within India itself. Sukkhi is always committed to fulfilling the customer needs in the future as well.”

The daily wear fashion jewelry comprises a sizable chunk of the overall fashion jewelry category in India. There is an increase in demand from the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India for quality and stylish jewelry within their budgets. Sukkhi understands the consumer demand and curates intricate designs using high-quality allergic-free material and versatile to pair with varied silhouettes. Adapting an omnichannel presence, Sukkhi is widely available on various eCommerce platforms, ensuring a wide reach to the bigger consumer demands.

Sukkhi is a leading new age online- first fashion jewelry brand. Founded in 2012, Sukhhi began with a vision to provide quality and trendy fashion jewelry products. The company makes high-quality products from allergic-free material that is beautifully crafted and designed using the latest technology. After starting as an online-only brand, the company launched its own website in October 2016 and has widened its reach to over 125 offline touchpoints across India and over 27 different marketplaces, including international markets like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many more. Today, the company is one of the highest selling brands in the fashion jewelry category on Amazon and Flipkart and on most of the e-tailers on which the brand is listed.

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