Summer ‘Secret’ Hair Care Routine For A Healthy Scalp

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While we all may have different opinions on the myriad of topics this summer, there’s one thing that all of us are pretty much on the same page, good hair days can be a challenge in summers. The constant torture our hair bares through the summer is just not fair, that’s why we’ve decided to share some of our “Secret” summer hair care tips to keep your beautiful tresses intact through the summer heat.

Secret #1: Hold them back!

Scrunchies are your allies, keep them close. With dry heat, excessive scalp and forehead sweating are not uncommon. Frizz and forehead acne make an unexpected comeback as you let your hair loss. Have a scrunchie on handhold them back for you, as to lose hair means that they may always be touching your forehead, gathering all that sweat and dirt that sits on your skin. Holding your hair back with a sleek bun and a funky scrunchie keeps them intact, avoiding any facial sweat from being transferred onto your hair and leaving them greasy.

Secret #2: Cut on your shampoo, not your conditioner

If you’re constantly sweating and greasing up your scalp, it surely means you’re shampooing too much. Surfactants in your shampoo are purging your scalp of natural oils necessary for your hair, stripping away sebum is only enabling your sweat pores to constantly make up for its dryness with excessive secretion. Instead of vigorous shampooing, focus on conditioning. A conditioner masks your hair from the sun while also shielding its moisture. Deep conditioning sessions will ensure that moisture stays intact and if your hair still gets dry too quickly, a little drizzle of oil just on the scalp will do the trick. Maybe even swap out your harsh shampoo for Secret’s natural Aloe Vera shampoo with antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Secret #3: Fix your diet

There is a lot going on inside you, distressing hair health, your diet being the foremost one. What you eat is what you show. It’s just not your skin that’s affected, it’s your hair too. Your hair also receives its nutrition from the food you eat. Consider switching to a healthier diet in the summer by adding citrus fruits, yogurt, and berries consistently to your nutrition regime. Avoid fatty food and keep yourself constantly hydrated; this will definitely show on those locks. Nourish your hair regularly with the Sattva hair mask that’s specially formulated with natural ayurvedic ingredients to leave your hair completely sustained and in its best form.

Secret #4: Hot tools will only make it hotter

Styling tools like a blow dryer and curling/straightening irons might be an integral part of your hair routine, but excessive use of such tools on dry hair will definitely lead to more damage in hot summers. Air drying your wet hair or using those irons along with hair serum will help prevent further damage. With the use of such tools, keep your heat settings low, reduce the frequency of use if possible, and always avoid using them on uncleaned hair. Get your hands on the organic Neem Wood Comb from Secret to easily deal with messy summer hair and rid your scalp of troubling microbes, not only does it control hair fall but also improves blood circulation to your scalp that encourages hair growth.

Secret #5: Oiling is a must!

If you ever wonder how grandma’s hair is just so perfect through the summer, it’s because she didn’t miss on oiling them. Just cause your hair already gets greasy doesn’t mean you stop oiling them, thought using the right lightweight natural hair oils is the right way to go. Secret offers a range of light hair oils made from 100% natural ingredients, void of any chemicals and adulterants. Our products trace a secret formula passed down over generations, that is result-oriented and backed by our grandmas. The Black Charm hair oil from Secret is just light enough for the summers but also potent and works like a charm, one good champi once a week should keep your hair revitalized through and through.



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