Supriya Sampath’s New Online Portal Is The One Stop For Diamonds

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that’s a fact! Diamonds are unquestionably a sign of royalty, luxury, an investment for some, but most importantly a symbol of eternal love. Of course, the value of a diamond can’t be paralleled with the number of emotions of the giver, but the literal market value can be calculated based on the quality and size of the diamond. People can surely measure the size of the diamonds, but it takes a better eye to see the quality of a diamond. And, in this article, we are going to talk of one such eye and her venture. Ketan Diamonds is the startup we are discussing today. It is a story of a determined homemaker turned into an entrepreneur.

Supriya Sampath is the founder and the CEO of Ketan diamonds, a 2018-founded online division of the since-1994 ‘Rushabh Jewellers’. She is a house maker turned entrepreneur behind the vision and underlying philosophy of providing the 3P’s- Purity, Perfection, and Precision.

Founder and Co-Founder, Mr. and Mrs. Sampath. 

Married at a very young age of 20, Supriya, from a business family, studied in the commerce stream, meaning business genes, as well as the accounting knowledge, has been in her since her very existence. After marriage, she started assisting her husband, Sampath, with his jewelry-cum-gold shop. A few years later, her fondness for diamond became a new verticle for the only gold-selling Rushabh Jewelers.

Named after the founder and entrepreneur’s son, Ketan Diamonds is an online division of Banglore-based ‘Rushab Jewellers’. Ketan, in a more traditional sense, means ‘pure gold’. Moreover, “purity” is the foundation of the venture we are discussing.

After her marriage at the age of 20 with Sampath Raj, she started to assist him in the jewelry store. Supriya had a massive interest in diamonds and a right eye for amazing diamond designs. Sampath Raj and Supriya Sampath added diamond products into their jewelry store.

Supriya helmed the new vertical added to their business by adding ethnic and latest diamond jewelry designs. The quality and designs of the jewelry were liked by the customers, and the sale of diamond jewelry began to elevate.

After a decade in the diamond business, Supriya decided to give the business a new push. To match up with the shifting drift in the market, she decided to launch an e-commerce jewelry store to reach out to customers who love buying products online. The sole motive to come up with an online store was to provide a platform for the customers where they can buy genuine and most impressive diamonds with lots of trust.

Through Ketan diamonds, she wants to share her knowledge and experience with customers to help them select the best designs as per their requirements. With many big players already in the online jewelry market, the founders of Ketan Diamonds are confident that with their unique proposition and undying purity of diamonds, the company will take the lead and will stand out in the highly competitive online diamond market.

With high quality and best pricing as the Unique Selling Points, the company has set standards very high and earned a good reputation.

The founders feel that every customer is their ideal customer. In fact, after offering the best services to a wide customer base, now these customers had good trust in the company and assured of getting high-quality diamonds at affordable prices. Taking the next step, the company is planning to launch a home service across India, where the customers can have a look and feel of the product before they could place the order.

The company offers a wide range of high-quality designs of diamond jewelry available at a very affordable rate with an authentication certificate along with this, they can avail of the EMI option on their purchase.

Diamond Jewellery designing and selling has a long way to go. In this context, Ketan Diamonds have targeted growth plans for the next five years. They plan to develop a presence in over 30 cities and add another 3000 jewelry designs to their existing 1000 plus design collection.

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