The Plated Reflections At Maya

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The Gallery at Maya, a Slow Living Restaurant and Art Gallery in Jayanagar presents
“Reflections” is an exhibit of plates serving food for thought. Explore the intersection of art and the self, its power to connect with the senses and spark conversations that drive social impact. Each piece has been designed to invoke meaningful memories while connecting you to the multitude of lives surrounding you.

The best part? All of the art pieces are available for sale. Each when sold = 10 meals are donated. The Plated Project fills the Gallery at Maya with its color, candor, and joyous divinity.
Every plate is a result of dream-like connections and moments. The pieces are bound to
make you pause, feel, and reflect. They convey personal messages and paint a beautiful
world to lose yourself in, all leading toward social innovations.
This month, The Plated project has joined hands with Maya to use the power of art to fight

The Plated Project’s mission is to fight hunger with art. They collaborate with global
artists to create unique, art-infused products. Each art piece is crafted thoughtfully to
drive conversations, that can culminate in genuine impact.

Impact So Far 

525,000 meals are donated around the world!
The price starts at Rs. 2299/-

Inspired by Sri Lankan architecture and Geoffrey Bawa’s design philosophy, MAYA,
India’s first slow-living restaurant and art gallery, in Jayanagar, is designed to naturally
induce a sense of calm and bring about easy-paced living amidst the chaos and hustle of
fast-paced lives. Maya offers a unique experience of dining amidst an impressive gallery
of art. Maya’s dedicated art gallery offers exceptional ‘Makers’ a platform to exhibit their
exclusive works, indeed an opportunity for them to share their beautiful perspectives and
stories with guests who would love to enjoy the art around the space and art on their plates.

Timing: 12 Noon to 11 pm

Contact: +91 6363459411 / +91 9731755535

Date: June 1st – 30th 2022

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