The Value Of Holistic Lighting

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Lighting is an essential component for every successful home design scheme. Lighting fixtures play a great deal in transforming the design and feel of homes and commercial spaces. A light, for example, is not just a piece of equipment but also a piece of art. Almost every fixture has a role in influencing the aesthetic layout’s result with the added function of providing a sensory experience.

With the ability to impact a room’s mood or bring out the architectural beauty of a façade, lighting is a key element to consider when designing a space. Lighting can transform the shape and size of a room or a building. When lighting for a home, the purpose of each room comes into play. The kitchen, a workspace, demands brighter, high CRI (color accurate) light, while the living room calls for more mellow, warmer lighting. Table lamps to ceiling lights are today the focus of rooms as opposed to being merely functional.

Depending on one’s personal tastes, light fixtures are reflective of style, vision, and mood. Thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed, and carefully crafted lights transform rooms and dial in several other design elements. The art and concept of lighting have come a long way. With continued research and innovation, homeowners and designers have a wide variety of options today.

Internet of Things

Smart lighting fixtures are increasingly becoming the most adopted and widely requested among the latest trends for both home and commercial purposes. We’re living in the age of smart lighting, which plays a crucial role in lighting up spaces. With various applications and features to control, even remotely, the transition towards a smart light upgrade is higher now than ever.  Some of the technology on offer also has the ability to connect with your GPS location, so your home lights up as soon as you are about to arrive.

With Jaquar Lighting, our continued focus and effort are introducing innovative, smart lighting focusing on a holistic solution. We ensure that our smart lighting products are not only easy to use but high on the functionality, quality, durability, and sustainability scale.

Nature-inspired and nature-conscious.

Consumers are more design and sustainability conscious. Lighting pieces with a mix of metal with soft natural materials like wood fibers and soft kinds of cotton are increasingly taking center stage, especially in standing fixtures and sconces. This creates an ambiance of warmth and brings the décor closer to nature – especially in spaces with an inside-outside concept or lean heavily on design sustainability.

Cleaner lines

Light fixtures that speak to the industrial tone or art-deco pieces make a huge comeback still but with cleaner modern designs. These pieces are especially sought as centerpieces that define a functional space – for example, over the dining table or as installations in stairways.  These fixtures boast simple geometric designs, clean lines, neutral soft colors, and form over ornate aesthetics.

LED- accents

Incandescent bulbs might be available cheaply in the market, but they prove to be extremely wasteful and unflattering to modern-day designs in the long run. With LEDs are becoming cheaper, many LED strips and hidden lighting solutions help accentuate dark corners or heavy built-in storage units around the house. We now see a trend of highlighting overhead cabinets in the kitchen and mirrors in the bathroom with LED accents to add warmth and a soft glow to each of these spaces for occasions where consumers do not need the brighter lighting unit in these spaces to be turned on.

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