Things to keep in mind while stepping out to play

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With a continuous rise in the need for Germ Protection, unprecedented times have changed the dynamics of our daily life. Stepping out of the home can be worrisome for children and parents alike. As we are taking precautions for almost everything else these days, going out to play needs to be done safely. Especially now with the monsoons in full swing – chances of germ spread are even higher. Here, we are listing down a few things that one needs while stepping out for some game time:

Mask –Wearing a mask while stepping out is essential in this new normal. Wearing a mask is a marker of you being a socially responsible citizen complying with your civic duty. Look out for 5 layered masks that are BIS-approved FFP 2-S masks as these are known to give 95% filtration of particles as small as 0.3 micron which ensures even aerosols carrying germs are prevented from entering the mask.

When in Doubt, Wipe it! – Make germ protection wipes a part of your hygiene routine and carries them with you. When sanitizers are unavailable, wipes always does the trick. When in doubt, wipe down the surfaces that you preempt coming in contact with including your sporting equipment like bats, ball, boxes that have your game equipment stores in, etc. The wipes are also useful to clean sweat and grime off of your hands, elbows, and neck after a rigorous game too!

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Be careful about surfaces you touch- While you are outside of your house, game equipment, benches, floor, wall or anything for that matter can be a high-risk zone for transmission of germs. Be extra careful.

Social Distancing – It is a fact that social distancing has helped to reduce the spread of Covid-19. To minimize the risk, do maintain a physical distance of 6 feet while playing with your friends.

Avoiding touching your face – Going to your friend’s place for an x-box gaming match? Given the circumstances, while playing you will end up touching surfaces that can be home to a virus. It is wise to avoid touching your skin without washing your hands or applying sanitizer.

Disinfecting yourself –Once you are entering back to your home, do not touch anything and go straight to wash your hands properly. It is advisable to change your clothes and take a bath to ensure proper cleanliness. If you happen to get caught in the rain, put some antiseptic liquid in your bath water to use as the final rinse.

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