Think Tree Media Enters A Strategic Partnership With Cult.Fit

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Cult.Fit, India’s largest wellness chain, has partnered with Think Tree Media, a Bengaluru-based digital marketing agency with a global client roster spanning India, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.

The purpose of this project was to develop and execute creative content and drive up app usage and downloads in a world where some of the most valuable real-estate can be small icons on your phone. Considering Cult.Fits’ creative, strategic, and research-driven approach, Think Tree Media’s work has been a perfect fit.

Shriya Malpani, Design and Creative Director, Cult, said, “Cult.Fit’s popularity and rise to fame were evident right at its inception, but our quick adaptations and smart business decisions during the Pandemic proved we were here to stay. Our affiliation with Think Tree Media is a step towards achieving our goal of growing in the digital space, whether that be through an app or social media.”

With Cult.Fit’s mobile application, you can take a holistic approach to health – it doesn’t just provide workouts and live classes. It’s also a way to motivate and inspire their users. By using their creative abilities, Think Tree drew attention to the brand’s impact on its consumers.

“As a young, energetic, health-conscious group, our collaboration with Cult.Fit has been seamless,” said Hugh Loren, Co-founder, Think Tree Media.

Our stories are all unique. To inspire and motivate others, we crafted their experiences and presented them in a way that would make them memorable. It will be great to work with this team again soon!” said Mayur Tekwani, Co-founder, Think Tree Media.

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