Tom and Jerry Trailer Gets 1.2 Million Views 

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A world-famous cartoon series comes to mind when thinking of Tom and Jerry. In a new film with the same name, Tom and Jerry is a depiction of cute fights and love between a couple. Raghav Vinay Shivagange directs the film which is a love story. However, the story does not appear to be so straightforward considering life’s harsh realities. 

The film team released the trailer just a few days ago and the same has crossed 1.2 million views on Youtube. 

Nishicth Korodi, known for Gantumoote, and Chaitra Rao, known for Jodi Hakki as Janaki teacher, are the two main actors in Tom and Jerry. Nischith plays the part of a middle-class guy who knows how difficult it is to become a rich man, but he won’t back down because he comes from the middle class. Chaitra plays the opposite part. Her parents are wealthy, but she wants to keep this aside to lead a normal life. 

What happens if these two different characters meet and fall in love is the crux of the story. In the film, a flashback occurs to this love affair. The movie caters to a wide audience, and this is a new type of movie. 

Haayagide Yedeyolage

The Kannada film industry is abuzz with the song “Haayagide Yedeyolage, Jallendide ee Galige” from the film. With more than a million views, it can be assumed that movie lovers enjoy the song. The film’s music is composed by Matthews Manu. All the songs are equally beautiful. 

The debut film of Nischith Korodi was Gantumoote. Originally from Teerthahalli, Nischith portrayed a schoolboy until his transformation for Tom and Jerry. Along with Chaitra Rao, he plays the lead role. The trailer caught the audience’s attention. In the film, Chaitra’s hairstyle is part of her character. Cinematography is done by Sangeet YMS, Edited by Suraj Angolekar. Fights have been choreographed by Arjun Raj, Music is scored by Mathews Manu and dance choreography is done by Raj Kishore. 

In the wake of the covid virus pandemic, film industry lockdowns have been traumatic. There were many films that had to stop shooting abruptly, which affected the teams greatly. One of the teams affected was Tom and Jerry. After the lockdown, however, the film crew was able to successfully shoot the entire project. 

The film starrs Jai Jagadish, Tara Anuradha, Surya Shekhar, Kote Prabhakar, Kaddipudi Chandru, Padmaja Rao, Rockline Sudhakar, Prakash Tumminadu, Maitri Jaggi, Prashant amongst others.


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